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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by stcsmoker, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Hello, I'm relatively new to smoking meat, this is my second summer. Being from central Minnesota doesn't allow me to much time to experiment, but I do as much as possible. I have an offset Char-Griller that i got from a neighbor that built a masonry pit. He had made some mods to it, baffle, tuning plates, gaskets all around, raised the grate in the fire box, and put two remarkably accurate thermometers at grate level. That help my first few smoked be fairly successful. I've done 3 briskets, a 5lb lamb roast, backsrap, two pork butts, a few locally caught trout, various veggies, and some pork hocks. All were edible, and everyone who are the second and third briskets said they were the best they had, so my confidence is growing.I've learned a lot reading on this site, and I'm only 26 so i have many years to learn more. Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge and helping my first few smokes go well. I look forward to all that thin blue delicious smoke i foresee in my future!
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    Welcome to the board! We do frown on cannibalism. That said, this thread is worthless without pics!
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    Sorry for the misspell, but i will put up some pics of my next smoke. I'm relatively new to take it easy on me!

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