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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by trippy, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. trippy

    trippy Smoke Blower

    Hello all,

    Just for starters I am located in the Upper Northwest, Northern Idaho to be precise. So have great summer grilling seasons with the chance to smoke meats spring through fall. Currently I have a great offset smoker grill that I have used for about 13 years now. Its one of the early Horizon models build through Brinkmann. It has about 780 inches of cooking surface in the grill area. Its got some modifications done to help even out the cooking chamber temps too. I do a lot of grilling on my Kenmore Elite grill. Its often complained about being low on heat. I have never found it to be an issue with my cooking and has lasted me longer then any other gas grill has.  Currently I am building a vertical smoker out of a Cres Cor heating cabinet. I am using a Pellet Pro hopper on it for the heat source. This should bring me into the new world of, any day of the year I can cook up some smoked something.  I found the offset smoker is tough to run in cold weather. Not a fan of fighting the temp swings because of it.  Before I take on any project I do a lot of research on similar builds. The Cres Cor has proven a tough one because there is little on it. I had to treat it like a refrigerator build and not many of them are built in pellets either. So its kinda new ground. I'm kinda jack of all trades when I do stuff. Been known to McGyver about everything I touch. So this will prove no different.

    I will post pictures of my build when finished soon. It hopefully will give others ideas and inspiration for their next build.
  2. noboundaries

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    Trippy, welcome to SMF!  I'm definitely looking forward to your build pics.  Sounds like a great project.  If you have any questions someone around here will be able to give some input because this place if filled with great guys and gals, which now includes you!  

    Have fun!

  3. cal1956

    cal1956 Smoking Fanatic

    welcome aboard

    since your a seasoned pro on a grill , you should have on problems smoking
  4. trippy

    trippy Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I have done a bit of smoking already. I am no pro mind you. Still picking up finer points to the trade. I have put out some stuff that would fair well in some competitions. Been told it was best they have ever eaten. I just figure they don't get out much. Hehe. At any point I always strive to get better and push the envelope.

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