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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by cactus, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. cactus

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    Hi, I look forward to sharing and discussing with yall! I dont often get to use my smoker, but every once in awhile. I found this site while looking for ideas on what to do with an impulse buy....22# Fresh Ham (it was labeled that)/Pork Leg. I do believe both those descriptions fit work. Not having a pump or time to cure it into a ham without a pump. I have decided to do a simple brine, and smoke it. My goal is to create a Pig Leg Roast, and then smoke that roast. I hope to achieve a tender juicy slicing (vs. pulled) piece of meat.
    So glad to share...I will post more about this in a pig forum thread
  2. glued2it

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    With a fresh ham you will get the same results as a shoulder or butt. Procedures will be the same as well. cook to 160° for slicing.

    22#'s is big cut(been there done that) But they are just as good as the rest.

    Did you you have any questions?

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