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New to forum: Amazen tube smokers


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Aloha guys,

New to forum and had a few questions. Have a masterbuilt propane smoker. Haven't made anything fancy. Ive tried to smoke different types of fish and have tried to smoke some wild pork and goat.

Did some research on the masterbuilt, and found that I have similar issues to everyone else. High temps while trying to smoke fish. My chips catch fire and spike temps up really high. Read that I could use a cast iron pan to solve this problem, but haven't tried.

Seems like this new Amazen tube smoker could also be a solution. This is where my question lies... Would you guys recommend using this tube smoker as a replacement for the chips? Or use in conjunction with chips. I would assume that I could just use pellet tube, and turn on the propane gas just to get a heat source?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum! From what I've read alot of folks do exactly that. Just use the A-MAZE-N tube or maze smoker instead of the chips and pan on a smoker. I plane on doing this very thing this weekend. Good luck.


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I use to have a masterbuilt propane smoker....the 2 door. chips will catch fire easier then chunks. I used the cast iron pan and chunks and never had problem with flare ups.


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I have a MES 30. I figured going in I would have to do some changes to do what I've been doing for a long time.
I chose to get the AMNPS tray so I could use pellets. Pellets are readily available to me here.
And to do the low temperature smoking I like, I found the best avenue for me was to do a Mod.
So the smoker itself is temperature controlled oven, with a separate smoke infusion that is cooled.
The reason I chose the AMNPS tray is because it can smoke for up to 11 hours continuously for me. For my cold smokes, overnight. (I do a lot of fish smoking)
I've seen here where many propaners use an additional needle valve to adjust the flame lower than the normal controller does. Making for better lower temperature setting.
I considered gas before getting my electric, but stopped at temperature control. I run my BBQ on Natural Gas, so a gas smoker converted to use Natural gas was my aim.
But knew I could get what I was looking for by going electric.
I'd suggest you look at how others here have used a needle valve to get better low temperature performance.
Start here.

Welcome to SMF!
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