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  1. Southern_Saint

    MES 30 Gen 1 Mailbox Mod setup

    Howdy yall, I have been combing through the collective wisdom found here on how to make my MES 30 punch above its weight class. So far I have been able to make some 6/10 bbq but I know it can be better. So, I went through with a few mods, testing, and buying the AMAZEN Maze to hopefully get this...
  2. reformedvegan

    Help w/ AMNTS cold smokin in a Pit Boss pellet "grill"

    Folks, I have one of the PB 700-series models. I tried cold-smoking cheese this weekend with my 12" AMNTS, and I was disappointed with the thick, white smoke it produced and the bitter, acrid, chemical taste of the cheese after smoking. I have vacuum sealed the cheese and plan to let it mellow...
  3. gimmeharmony

    Smoking Cheese in the Vision Grill with AMNPS QView

    Got some decent cheese from Costco and Kroger. Fired it up for three and a half hours with pecan wood pellets in the A-MAZE-N 5x8 smoker maze. Used a tray with icecubes below the cheese. It was 70° outside and was able to stay below 80° in the grill. Sealed with Foodsaver and now we wait...
  4. Mhmoore101

    Amazen smoker tips in MES 30 Gen 1?

    Have the MES 30 Gen 1 and have had decent success smoking. Just bought the Amazen pellet tray and some smokehouse brand pellets. Have found a few tips on here but have so many questions. Have read about pulling chip loader out 2-3” and chip tray out 1”? What to do with water pan? Any suggestions...
  5. smokenharley

    1st Pork Belly Bacon

    Well my smoking brethren, I tried pork belly bacon for the first time. And it was a success. I must say that of all things I have smoked, outside of cheese, this has got to be one of the easiest I have done. If you are considering giving it a try I would highly suggest that you do and you will...
  6. Preacher Man

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends with Dr Pepper Huckleberry Glaze

    Been seeing PBBE's on here and decided to make some for a men's Christmas party. Started with a 5 lbs Pork Belly (skin off) that I found for $1.88/lb. I cubed them a little smaller than most I've seen because I wanted them to go farther at the party. About 1"x1". Seasoned with a little BBQ...
  7. J

    New to forum: Amazen tube smokers

    Aloha guys, New to forum and had a few questions. Have a masterbuilt propane smoker. Haven't made anything fancy. Ive tried to smoke different types of fish and have tried to smoke some wild pork and goat. Did some research on the masterbuilt, and found that I have similar issues to everyone...
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