New Stainless Steel Smoker

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Original poster
Mar 15, 2006
Denver, CO
My wife just bought me a brand new gas stainless steel smoker Sams for my birthday. It should be said that I already have a nice steel offset smoker. Is there anything different about cooking gas as opposed to REAL fire? Oh yes she also bought me a stailess steel preperation table that has electric outlets and a sink and fridge that goes with the smoker. Oh yes im reallllll lucky to have her.
Temps are a bit easier to control with the gas knob. I find that I need to put 2 chunks of wood in the cast iron wood box about every 45 minutes to an hour. I do this when i spray so the door would be opened anyway.

Good luck and good eats.


P.S. Hang on to her. Nice setup!
Hey Guy! Welcome! Sounds like your rigged up…we love pictures of gear and food porn, so dig out your digital camera and show us what ya got and what you do with it
Congrats on the new smoker and accessories. Sounds like you've got a keeper there.
Just a FYI that this is when he started this thread, and with the low post count I would surmise that he hasn't been around too much since then.

Actually, he was here 2-10-09, so what do I know!
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