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Jun 28, 2005
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Thought some of you might be interested in seeing the new logo which is in progress. I am working with a logo company and I think they have gone over the top on this one!

I have not given them the green light yet so if you notice anything then feel free to point it out.. I have always thought a thousand eyes are better than 2

We will also be using this for the SMF logo.. instead of the "-meat" at the bottom it will have "Meat Forums" and the text will be moved to the left slightly to make it line up with the ".com".

I am visualizing this on a Tshirt or Ballcap...

Looks great Jeff, I love the new design!!!! How about a bit of smoke coming out of the smoke stack? Also to me the pigs apron is the perfect place to put somthing.....perhaps SMF?? I also realize that with every different color on the design the price goes up, which you probably already know....wish I would have appriciated that fact before I had my logo completed. In any case I love it!!!
Looking good Jeff ... I'd definitely be intersted in a shirt etc.
One small thought ... the 'O' behind the ribs should stand out a bit more. (In my humble opinion) I love it!
I like the overall design, but I agree there should be smoke coming out of the smoker chimney... preferably thin blue smoke...
I also like the idea of the letters SMF on the pig's apron... nice touch.

Count me in for hats, t-shirts and aprons!
I think a thin blue out of the stack would be nice. I think it's sharp looking! The only thing negative I would comment about it is that if someone is going to look at it for a website address, I don't know if they would catch the hyphen before the "meat". I'm thinking that maybe the should be all one line.
I agree that it might be more practical from a domain name perspective..

Based on the metrics about 97% or our traffic comes from the search engines and being #1 in google for "smoking meat", "how to smoke meat", "smoking recipes", and several other common keywords as well as being in the top 5 for a host of other keywords does not hurt at all

Most of these top positions are with keywords that have more than a million results.

Most of these are #1 or in the top 5 in Yahoo and MSN as well.

"Not bad", I says to myself all the time

SMF now comes up as number 3 when you search for "smoking meat' so it's coming right along as well.

So.. I do agree with you however, due to the low number of folks getting here that way I chose to go with aesthetics instead.

I may put the web address in smaller font just below the logo along with a good catch phrase..

Thanks for all the great input!
I like it too!
Also all the other ideas.
Maybe move the smoker right under the pig's arm?
And like Squeezy said to make the "O" more like a grill.
Also the SMF logo on the pig's apron.
Which makes me wonder,are you changing the site so that "Forum" is no longer part of the web site address?
Just my $.02 worth.

Keep on Smokin'!!
I am having 2 revisions of the logo made...

One of them is for the site as you see it now. The other one will be exactly the same except it will say "Meat Forums" at the bottom instead of "-MEAT".

This will give us consistency across the sites and even though it is a different domain name it will make them blend together a little better as I would like them to do.

Good ideas.. keep them coming!
Excellent, Jeff!
Need a bit of shadow under the smoker so that it does not look like it is suspended in air and in addition to all the other great ideas I would add a small stack of wood under the firebox.
Aprons, potholders, caps, beer mugs and coffee cups. YES! Key chains and beer can cozees, too!

Hey jeff how about a bumper sticker size one that we can stick on our smokers. Maybe saying proud member of SMF. Just a thought. I'd put it on mine. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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