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Original poster
Apr 11, 2021
Hello everyone. Just found this place after getting a pit boss vertical smoker a few weeks ago. I have to admit I didn't plan on getting a smoker, my old man would tell me about how he started smoking meat. Wake up at 1am, start the smoker and have to check it every 15 minutes or so while taking power naps in the hammock. All this over family sunday delicious brisket shortly before he fell asleep at the table :emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing: I loved the food but not that much. After that I heard from a buddy at work about automatic pellet smokers and how he would cook dinner un-prepped after work during the week. Now I'm addicted lol. Did my first, a pork butt 2 weeks ago, ate Easter Lunch that was Dad's brisket and burnt ends that were amazing as always, and 2 chickens smoking now. Just ate the bacon I had in above the chicken as an appetizer and put in a rack of potatoes oiled and seasoned where the bacon was. Freaking love this thing, I think it's cheating at smoking meat but the wife, kid and my tummy all equally don't care lol

Look forward to learning from everyone here
Welcome from Tennessee. Love my stickburner but it's also nice to have my pellet smoker for a quick and easy smoke
Welcome! I also run a vertical Pit Boss! Definitely different from the old days!
Welcome from SE Ga. I love my "set it and forget it " Gravity Flow but would also enjoy the stick burner. ......some day is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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