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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by aussiebazza, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys & Gals,

    I picked up a small compressor tank the other day for free so I thought that was a good as excuse as any! Looking around the forums for so long however I am definitely a bit embarrassed by the size of my build but considering I've never seen a trailer mount here in Australia I thought who will be any the wiser?? [​IMG]   

    I had some spare time today so I knocked off the plate and some welds as well as took some measurements. I would really appreciate some other input on my numbers if you have made it this far...

    I followed Dave's tutorial  [​IMG]         I think.......

    Diameter                   14.960

    Length                       45

    Volume Cubic Inch     7910.454

    Gallons                     34.243     (admittedly I did fill this with water to check.......)

    FB/CC                      31.641 

    Min FB Volume          2610.449  (if I go 13x14x16 I get 2912 which should be ok?)

    FB Inlets                   7.910

    ESV                          174.029

    Stack Diameter           2.5     (this does seem really small but it gets me to 35.5 from CC unless I have misunderstood)

    Chord AB                   12.704

    Segment Height ED     3.53

    How does this sound to everyone?

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  2. Would love to get my plate sorted out tomorrow if anyone could lend a minute to my calcs? I understand it's the same thing being asked everyday on here but where else does a newbie turn to?  [​IMG]
  3. busmania

    busmania Smoke Blower

    I cannot be of much help, but here is my build that was similar.  without actually calculating your numbers, they look similar to what I remember mine being (also a 33 gallon tank build...but fatter and shorter than yours).

    I plan on going to a fatter exhaust pipe....when I have time.  I have really dialed this smoker in lately in terms of consistency in temps while using.  The summary of all my final numbers are at post #47.. 
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  4. I'm currently in a rf build and just did all my math. After looking at yours you seem to be on. Dave told me to error on the side of more, which was good advise, just don't rush anything. Take your time and make sure things are square and level, it will help down the road.
    And questions feel free to ask. That's why we're here.
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  5. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    All of your numbers are correct...

    I would go with a 3" ID exhaust +/- 35" above the CC....24 height is what it comes up with, BUT, when building a small RF smoker, some numbers need exaggerating...

    Same goes for Segment Height ED....  4"....     Chord AB ...13 1/8"... Seg. Area is now 37.5 sq. in. 

    The reason for exaggerating some numbers is....   the surface area of steel, compared to the volumes in cubic inches...  the surface area is a HUGE number compared to the volume....  surface area equals friction....  that's not good....

    If I forgot something, give me a shake....    

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  6. Hey Busmania,

    I do remember reading your thread a while ago. Looks like it turned out great! You're right they are quite similar numbers with some small differences from a fatter tank on yours. Glad you worked out the optimal way to get a good burn on your rig [​IMG]


    Great name! (happens to be mine also). I really appreciate your advice and will be following your build closely. Good luck!! 


    Thanks a ton for taking the time to swing by! Like everyone else on here I also really appreciate the time you take to give advice and help to so many projects for no benefit other than to help others out. Champion! 

    I will take your recommendations on board and get this project under way. 

    Thanks again guys [​IMG]

  7. smokin monkey

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    Thanks Dave!
  8. Quick question on the FB inlets. I'm making a bigger box than called for (14x14x17) which yields me a larger volume than required.

    My question is does this mean I still use the correct FB inlet size from my original calculations (going to round this up to 8sq inches) or do I need to enlarge these also?

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  9. daveomak

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    All of the numbers are based on the size of the Cook Chamber....   How much heat is generated in the FB is how much air is supplied to the fuel...   Sooooo, Size of inlets is dependent on the size of the CC....   Your original numbers will work fine.....

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  10. [​IMG]    Thanks Dave
  11. aussiq

    aussiq Smoke Blower

    How ya going with ya build bazza? Did ya find the expanded mesh?
  12. Hey Ben,

    Cheers for the info on Midalia by the way! I never did get back to you on that [​IMG]    I have put the expanded metal on hold as I'm now leaning towards a bunch of 316 stainless mesh I have left over from a BBQ / spit pit I made. I use it as a grill directly over wood and charcoal and it has held up really well. Especially after the price I had to pay for the 1/4 " for my FB and BP. 

    I've got all my plate cut up now and my exhaust stack sorted as well. Hoping to tack it all together and get inside my tank this weekend. Did you end up going the smallest size mesh?

  13. aussiq

    aussiq Smoke Blower

    I still havent worked out what mesh to use yet. Looks like most people go the bigger size. Ill have to go down and have a look again see what one i like. Are you going to do a charcoal basket? I was thinking about doing one in the hope i can just load it and leave it.
  14. I will send a pic and the dimensions of the mesh I used in a bit. It's a tight pattern and fairly thick. 3/4 #9 if I'm not mistaken.
    I did built a basket, which I load up with charcoal and then add wood to that.
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  15. Long way of diamond pattern is 2"
    Short way is 1"
    .125" thick.
    I've used this before lots and it seems to hold up. Great for smaller appatisers as well as nothing falls through.
  16. aussiq

    aussiq Smoke Blower

    I think that was the bigger of the sizes that i was looking at. Ill have to measure them to no for sure
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  19. aussiq

    aussiq Smoke Blower

    Isaac that looks good thanx for the pic. Good to see it with you hand there for a scale reference. That size will be perfect
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  20. Yeah I will definitely be doing a charcoal basket. I'm still trying to work out the best way to make it as I wanted to be able to slide it in and out. My FB is only 14x14x17 so it's a bit tight to try and get a chimney full of coals into.

    If you do end up going back to Midalia I would be really keen to see how much the mesh is. I'm not gonna need much so was interested to know the sheet sizes ☺
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