New oklahoma joe highlander first smoke

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Pit pixie

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Jul 30, 2022
Southampton England 🇬🇧
Hi everyone,
Its been a long time!!
After making my own file cabinet smoker I finally went a d got this bad boy

So today I am doing a pork but with a texas dry rub and a rack of ribs (some seasoning )
Alongside more ribs with my own Chipotle dry rub. I got some chicken thighs with the two dressing below.

I started my fire at 10 ish and got the butt on about 11. I am using cherry splits and so far only used one. It's been on and hour and half.
Ill post pics as I go today, any helpful advise will be amazing.
Ok so 4.5 hours in with oak and cherry smoke.

Temps are top is the chamber bottom is my meat.

The chamber is near the fire Box so I know what temp is coming in.

That is above the butt. I think its going OK. For my first time on my new baby.
I did season jer yesterday for about 6 hour or so.

What do you all think so far????
For the pork butt, once IT gets around 160F/71C you typically hit the stall and that’s a good time to wrap. From there let it cook to probe tender should be about 95C Internal temp for PP, or just a little under that for slicing.
Looks like you're doing a wonderful job. Keep us posted!!!

Ribs I took off early.
Those ribs look pretty darned good from my perspective. Nice job thus far. You're teasing us though. Need to show us that butt please :emoji_laughing: Seriously, I'd love to see the finished product when it's all done.

You can alway move the butt into the oven to finish. Nothing magical about meat wrapped in foil finishing on the smoker. At this point (wrapped) heat is heat and you can turn the oven up to 300F if you like for a faster finish. This gives you more control if you get crunched on time. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.