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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by zero66, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. zero66

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    i think my smoker cooks too fast. i cooked a whole chicken in about 1 and half hours to 175. good too brined also. cooking spare ribs now after 2 hours its at 180 and bone already pulled back. i have the vent on top closed. there is clear black water coming from the front seal of smoker too.

    the times ive been reading are alot to smoking.thanks
  2. chef jimmyj

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    Open the Vent you are Steaming them that's why they are cooking so fast. The black water is Creosote washing off the walls as the steam condenses...JJ
  3. What was your "inside" temp of the smoker?  My MES digital read out is off from actual temp so you may want to check that.  As far as the vent, I leave my full open all the time.  The black water is probably creosote dripping down the inside of the door and missing the drip pan.  Sounds like your chips are burning up to fast.  Invest in a AMNPS(a maze n pellet smoker) to put in the bottom and that will alleviate that issue.  Welcome aboard. Lots o good info here.

  4. Beat me to it Chef!!
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    No matter what smoker you have you always want to run it with the top vent open all the way. Unless you are cold smoking then you can close it a little, but never shut it completely.
  6. zero66

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    im just going off digital readout,havent got a temp gauge to stick in there yet.i think your right on chef about vent im steaming instead of smoking.thanks for quick replys
  7. Go get a cheapo 3 dollar oven thermometer and check it vs your oven(not to say an oven can't be off) but that's what I did and mine is about 15-20 degrees off.  This is the cheaper way to do it, there are many digitals with probes you can purchase as well, but they will run you more.  

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