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Nov 8, 2016
Hey guys like the tittle says.. new to smoking made my first batch of cheese 2 weeks ago and my first batch of cold smoked salmon over the weekend. thanks to this forum.

Yep I"m from New Brunswick Canada.. not the warmest place damn one of the best places.. just mountains of wood..

been reading threads, looking at pics.. and so on for  little while.. so I decided to try it out.

a buddy gave me an old weber charcoal bbq, I built a smoke generator venturi style, took a server chassis fan inserted it in a water bottle conected to a 5volt adapter.. results are amazing, cheese MMMMMMMMMMMMM.. now for the salmon.. well I couldn't keep for myself needed some tasters,, well let me say I'm left with 200g of salmon for me everyone loved it and they want more LOL...

here's a few pics..

feel free to coment suggestion .. any feedback is good feedback..

Hello and welcome to you.

Looks like you've got your rig running just fine.

Your Salmon looks great, I'm not real big on the seafood,

but I love smoked Salmon.

Please, tell us a little about your process, temperatures,

approximate times and such.

Have fun.

Thanks for the warm welcome,

to answer  a few questions , well I soaked my salmon for half our in spices, then i applied the brine to it.. mixture of brown sugar, kosher salt, and black pepper, sealed it in a glass casserol for 12 hours, affter i took it out gently ran it throught cold water to remove the brine, once padded dry, i set it on baking plates and in the fridge overnight.

next day i started my smoke generator for 4 to 6 min. then i put the salmon in the bbq. i did not have any heat source what so ever it was cold smoked, actually i started at 4am that sunday morning it was -2 outside, so every 2hours i would reffil the smoke generator with chips..

this was altantic salmon
Thanks smokinal... for my first time at smoking i think they came out good.. lots of reading people like you and this forum...

unfortunately where i live salmon is only catch and release, so i have to pay the big price for some good salmon.. 10$ a pound..

next attempt will be chicken wings of course with some heat source for poultry... thise place Rocks.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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