mldeolde-new member from Riverside California

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Aug 18, 2023
new member. i have a Bradley 6 rack digital smoker. have had it for two years trouble free except for the rather quick demize of the cover and i love it. my question is by useing one of these set it and forget it smokers does that that make me a poser? im over 70 yrs and like easy.
Welcome to SMF from North Texas.
I don't bash anyone that likes a set it and forget it. Now liquid smoke on the other hand...

- Jason
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Welcome from Kentucky! I use a pellet grill more often than not, so no, I wouldn't call you a poser for using the Bradley.
Welcome from Mississippi. We dont discriminate against your way of cooking. Now you start boiling your ribs we gonna have to talk! Post up your cooks and post pics, We like show and tell around here!

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Welcome from MIddle TN! Nothing wrong with set it and forget it. I go back and forth between my pellet pooper and WSM depending on my level of lazy when I do longer cooks. My WSM takes a little babysitting sometimes, especially after startup. Nothing serious, but I may have to adjust the vents from time to time. Just so long the hopper on my pellet grill is full, and the power doesn't go out, I'm good.
Welcome from Texas. Not a poser at all! I’m on a pellet 90% of the time.

Welcome from Colorado. I think as long as you enjoy the cook, all is good. I like tending a fire with a cold beverage, but I certainly understand those that want a similar flavor without the stick fed fire. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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