New " Jersey " group

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Feb 17, 2013
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Welcome Jersey members to a new group.

Feel free to join and have fun.
I hope word gets around on this fast.  I want all of my SMF friends to know that there is a BBQ competition in Cresskill, NJ September 25 - 27.  It is a BBQ, BEER, and MUSIC festival 

Here is the link  URL

I also want to let everyone know that I will be selling my home made beef jerky at this event.  I have been making jerky for family and friends for 20 years and only started selling this past July.  I'm a little nervous so I hope all the NJ SMF folks will come out to support me.  

How do we get the word out in the SMF world so people know to join?

Also, if you are on Facebook, please go to my page "JERKY ROB" and click like.  I am trying to get my number over 100.  

Thanks in advance and I hope to see a bunch of SMF folks at the event.  If you stop by, please let me know you are from SMF.  

I am not sure about the event but it will be a benefit to get local info. Born and raised in Piscataway...JJ
I am not sure about the event but it will be a benefit to get local info. Born and raised in Piscataway...JJ

The event is in Cresskill, nj.  It will be the weekend of Sept 25th - 27th.

Here is a link to the web site.

You were raised in Piscataway?  Where do you call home these days?  

If you're close I hope you can make it.

I think I posted the event in the competition area of the site.  

I am still trying to get additional  New Jersey folks join group but i'm not doing well.    
Rob, I moved to central PA in 1990 and raised my family there. Much lower cost of living, good schools, great Country living, for my three girls. Mom, now 87, is needing somebody around 24/7. So my wife and I moved back to Piscataway with my middle daughter, now 23. It is nice to be closer to my brother and his family and the greater ethnic diversity of NJ offers many more options for my international cooking. The only down side so far, I miss all the custom cut Butchers that are in PA. Many process animals on site so no middle men and transportation costs raising the prices...JJ
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Just joined the forums.  New to smoking but have been enjoying my BGE for some months now. Located in Totowa.
Robb and Brian H
Greeting jersey boys can smoke
What! I live in the wrong part of the State!?!...JJ
Home-ground chuck burgers cooked in cast iron skillet in my Egg, potato wedges, ancho buttermilk onion rings.

Admittedly this was on Saturday cuz just doing some dogs today ;) Quick chicken pho yesterday.
Hi All From Paramus..

Hi Dan,

Glad you joined the group.  Be sure to look at the thread and check out the details for the Red, White, and BBQ vent in Cresskill, Sept 25 - 27.

Also, if you are in the neighborhood on a Saturday morning, stop by the Farmers market in Westwood, and say hi.  I will be selling beef jerky at both.

Welcome again,

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