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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by smoking jo, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Been trying to educate myself as much as I can by reading old threads and articles.  Great info buried in this forum.  [​IMG]

    Father-in-law passed down a digital MES 30" that hadn't been used it a while.

    First test tomorrow will be with 3 racks of ribs - 2 baby back, one a larger spare.

    I'm going to be using 2 different rubs - one a little more sweet (decent amount of brown sugar), one with a little more heat.  

    Will have the family (wife & 2 kids) do blind testing to see what everyone prefers.  

    Looking forward to tasting and testing my way through the learning process for all kinds of meat.  Next will be a few pork butts... gotta love pulled pork sammiches!

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    Joe Welcome to SMF Their is a lot of info on your smoker in the

    I hope you plugged that in to make sure it still works. I highly recommend getting Maverick or Polder to monitor the temp,in the Cooking Chamber (CC) and the second probe for the meat,this case not being needed.

    To make sure they are done I like to use a tooth pick,when it slides in no resistance they should be fall off the bone tender.

  3. Thanks richie.

    I've been living in the MES owners area for a while.  Lots of good info.

    I'm looking at the Maverick 732 and 733 (probably the 733 just because of the added features), and yes, I'll make sure to double check the smoker before the first smoke.  Wouldn't be the first time the F-I-L gave me his crappy hand-me-downs that didn't work.  LOL

    Appreciate the advice.  [​IMG]  
  4. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a warm, cloudy and humid day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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    Welcome to SMF from NC! :welcome:
    We're glad to have you. The search bar at the top is your most valuable resource here. This forum has been around for over ten years, so there is a good chance that any questions you may have, have already been answered (they may have 10 different answers, but you'll get an instant response non the less).
    Please be sure to post your smokes along with your process and recipes. We will be glad to help you along the way and we may also learn something new ourselves in the process. Also, don't forget the very important Q view! (We're mad for pics on here 😁)
    Always remember to have fun because it's not fun if you have to work at it.
    Thanks for joining,
    - Ryan

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