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Jun 29, 2007
Hi everybody.

Finally unpacked a Charbroil H20 smoker that I received as a gift. I put it together, looked at the fire pan and thought... isn't this going to smother the flame??? Well, with the help of google, I have ended up here where I've already grabbed some tips and pointers.

I've never used an actual smoker grill before, but I have used Webers with a small fire on one side and ribs on the opposite end.

I do have a few questions starting out if anybody could be so kind. I am going to season it today

1. The instructions that came with the grill state that both the fire pan and water pan should be covered in foil. Does anybody do this, and if so why? I imagine it would be easier for clean up, but will it hurt the pans if I don't?

2. How much water should I add when seasoning? I know I am supposed to run it a bit hotter than I generally would when cooking on it, so I guess I will end up experimenting with temperature control.

3. So far I've drilled some holes in the bottom of the charcoal pan for airflow and also added an extra grate to give some clearance. As far as temperature control, I've put a gauge in an inch or so above the middle grate that has real numbers instead of just low, ideal, and hot. Anything else that is crucial in order to really enjoy this thing? I've heard adding legs to the pan is important, but I really don't feel like messing with that this weekend. I have spare rubs in the fridge and I'm eager to grill.

Thanks to anybody who reads through this novel of a post, and I look forward to learning here.

TeamFatKid, i like that. I have never seen a charbroil H2O, but somone may be of help here. you may want to post these qustions in another area, genral, one of the cooker area to get more response,

Welcome to SMF, Teamfatkid , and hello from Canada,
Welcome to the forum. I hope you will feel free to share your adventures, ask questions, or simply draw from the endless amount of knowledge found here.
Welcome to the SMF
The foil is just for easy clean up,If your just going to season it, skip the water, but you will need h2o to measure temps,you've started out with some good mod's, now how about some pics...............are you smokin yet???
welcome to smf. i recommend you take jeff's 5-day e-course. it's free and has lots of info in it. here is a link to it. also, sign up for his newsletter, as it is a good read too.

as a tip to anyone that uses yahoo mail (i don't know how the others work), i made a folder called "meats" in my account. i set it so any e-mail i get from the smoking meats domain, be it from jeff or another user, goes straight to that folder. no worries that it will go to the bulk folder. with yahoo, after awhile of getting e-mails from the same domain, it starts sending them to the bulk folder. i learned that the hard way.
Welcome to SMF!!!

Sounds like you are making some positive steps with your smoker mods. I'm a gasser myself so there isn't much I can add except that foil in the water pan makes clean up VERY easy.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your first real smoke.
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