new guy question

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Original poster
Nov 20, 2006
ok this is a new guy question if there ever was one. when do you put whatever youre smoking into the smoker? i did a fatty this weekend and threw it in and plugged in my smoker. not sure if youre supposed to throw the meat in when its a certain temp or when you see smoke coming out.....not sure. teach me. thanks;)

When I smoke ribs and fatties i wait to the smoker gets up to about 250º. When you open the smoker to put on the food you loss some of the heat. I usually smoke ribs and other pork around 230º
i get my fire going. once the smoker gets to 250°, and i have the thin blue, i put in the food. the temp drops to 225°, and stays there. i sometimes put in a brisket a little sooner (around 180°) if i want a bigger smoke ring. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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