New from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

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Tis is my first time here at the site. I stumbled onto it looking for advice on what would be the best dependable wireless Wi-Fi multi probe meat thermometers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
At the present time they will be used for a gas grill. However, I am also looking for advice on a new smoker. I have had a few in the past but am considering a pellet smoker and either gas or electric. I have never had electric so am very much needing advice from people that have had the electric.
Need to know what brands are considered good and if electric is okay for a weekend warrior or stay away from it.
My wife cannot eat red meat (digestive reasons, but I do and the grandkids do) so because of that we cook a tremendous amount of poultry and Salmon.
I sneak the meat in a couple times a week.
Glad I found the website and look forward to any advice.
Welcome from Ft. Lauderdale.
I have an Inkbird Inkbird I-BBQ-4-T so i can check my temps from anywhere that has internet from my phone, which is handy for runs to the store or a libation from the corner pub. that unit would not useable to use on a rotisserie, but I don't know (yet) of any multi probe wireless units, but I'm sure the gang here might be able to help. I did buy a single probe Inkbirdbbq Inkbirdbbq INT-1P-B wireless probe unit. For me the jury is still out. I bought it solely for use on my rotisserie with my Napoleon gasser.
Th internal temps with the probe seemed accurate compared with my instant read units, but I'm not real sold on the ambient temp readings. ( could be user errors)
As far as smokers, I have 6, and have become a bon-fide cult member of the Weber Smoky Mountain. It is not electric or automatic, but produces fine meat. I just finished a 12 hr cook of a boston butt.
also I tend to ramble. sorry. My signature has a partial list of my collection.
You will get good guidance here.
good luck.
Welcome to SMF from North Texas. For your new smoker, what is your budget and what type of smoker (Pellet, Electric, Propane, Offset, etc..) are you looking for?

- Jason
Jason, I have had propane and electric and liked the ease of the electric and would like to try pellets.
Price is the hard problem. All of the smokers and gas grills I have had do not last many years because of salt air. I live bout 4 blocks East of the Intra-Coastal Waterway which is Brackish.
I live about 10 blocks West of the Atlantic Ocean.
Therefore metal objects (grills, smokers, outdoor light fixtures, Door handles, etc) tend to have a short life span.
Because of that, everything I have bought in the past has been under $1,000. Gas grills I tend to stay under $500 because of the life span. But I do go higher if it is something I like.
The grill and the smoker will be on the back patio with a cover on them but not with a roof over them.
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