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  1. Hi, my names Rebecca. Going through culinary school. Work at a charcuterie place during the summer. Trying to do more stuff on my own. Between work and school, it's been hard to find the time and money to get all the equipment I need. I was making pretty adequate loose sausages with my food processor for awhile, but I found a real nice electric grinder at goodwill and on a 1/2 off day too! Got it for $4. The knife seems dull, so I just ordered a new one, some sausage funnels, and some casings. Also, I found a source for pork belly in my area that I don't have to buy a ridiculous amount of it at a time.... Soooo, I should be a lot more active with all this in the near future. I have a probably embarrassingly busted down bullet smoker that I've messed with to retain the heat a little better. I stalk meat smoking/charcuterie forums all the time, but this one seems the most active. I've only really smoked some sausages and a duck ham. The duck was banging, but the sausages just weren't what I was expecting. In all honesty, I've grown up on that Eckrich skinless smoked sausage, and I'm looking for a texture like that. I ordered some non-edible casings, and was thinking maybe it needed to be an emulsified sausage like a hot dog (to get the texture)?
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    Rebecca, welcome!  Lots of folks here love to do what you're doing and could probably learn a lot from you.  You have a great style of mixing recyclables and your love of food.  Best of luck in school and your pursuit of sausage perfection.  Looking forward to seeing some of your creations posted if you are so inclined.

    Welcome to the SMF family!

  3. Hey Rebecca, hello and welcome from East Texas, congrats on school and your good finds, lots of sausage makers on here, I'll bet someone will jump in and share what they know.

    Gary S
  4. Thank you! I did a year of gen eds, finished a year in the culinary program, and next year is my last year! Good to be on summer break right now, for sure. I plan on posting pictures of projects as I go. :)
  5. Thank you, I've been searching the forums. Lots of informative threads. 

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