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Original poster
Jul 20, 2022
Hey all,

I've actually been lurking here for over a year for some turkey and pork butts. Figured I'd sign up now and participate!

Currently a damn yankee in eastern NC so I'm torn between vinegar styles and ketchup styles! Just means I need to cook more and enjoy them both.

Before I knew anything I bought a pellet smoker, Camp Chef SG24 and have been learning on that before I dive into having to tend a fire as well. Can already see I'll end up with another type because I typically like my bbq like my smokey as you can get.

Since this is a bbq forum. This was my first set of pork butts (salt/pepper on left, brown sugar mix on right) for 4th of july a bit before wrap time. Used some CookinPellets Competition mix in the tube and fired the grill with normal cherry Cabelas brand pellets. Recently ordered a sampler pack from BBQrsdelight and will try another 2 for a family vacation coming up. Paired it with some home made tangy mustard sauce and some spicy eastern NC sauce for people to try and everyone loved it. Appreciate all the information this site has!.

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