New experiment with large beef shoulder

Discussion in 'Beef' started by catzcradle, May 6, 2014.

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    I had picked up beef shoulder before to make ground beef for beef sticks.  Good price, not a ton of fat on it, and grinds nice.  I had seen someone mention smoking one, and being better than brisket.  So I picked up a 21 pounder and gave it a shot.  First thing I noticed, it took longer than the typical brisket, and needed to be pulled out at a lower temp.  This beast was in my Cookshack for 22 hrs at 225 and was still only at 185.  However, using a skewer, showed it was not only tender, but almost past tender with no resistance to the skewer.

    Should of snapped a pix after I attempted to slice it, but really, it became pulled.  Put a full recipe of mop sauce on it after it had rested a few hrs, and been pulled/chopped.  I really liked it as there is less of the large fat deposits the brisket had.  The consensus around work was mixed.  Some like the brisket I bring in better, some like this.  It was certainly a handful trying to pull out of the smoker.

    Our Smart and Final has these whole in a vac-bag for 2.29/lb.   Makes wonderful bbq beef sammies :)
  2. Hello.  Looks good from here.  I'd eat that.  Keep Smokin!


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