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  1. Hey folks, acquired an old Admiral fridge the other day and started breaking it down.  It is a pretty good set up with some minor rust in the bottom.  I browsed through the forum the other day and picked up a few ideas, but didn't see these questions.  I hope they aren't too bad of a repeat. 

    There is a fair amount of tar in the back of the main box.  Should I remove all of it or just the majority?  What is the best way to get rid of it?  It's not scraping very easily.

    Another question is drilling through the enamel coating.  What's the best way to do that?  I'll be drilling for another rack, firebox entry and chimney/smoke exit.  

    Planning on using Roxul and a little bit of white cedar for the insulation.  (The insulation that was in it looked like ground up coconut husk and there was a lot of it)  

    Any recommendations are appreciated.  I'll have some pics this evening.  I was in a hurry to break it down the other day and didn't get any.  
  2. So where are the pics? I might be doing my own build on an old GE fridge.
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    don't need to worry about the tar on the back of the box. It wont be an issue unless it is on the tub, that wll nee to be removed as best as possible

    drilling through the enamel, hard bit, and have lot on hand. I go through several failry inexpensive ones on each build. go slow and save yourself a few chips. I use step drill bits for holes between 3/4"- 1". they are good to use to cleanup the edge of a hole to take the burrs off, then for larger diameter I used bi-metal hole saws.

    roxul for insulation. youll want 4" thick, not 6"

    t make it the easiest to get the tub to slide back into the fridge with the insulation in it use rivets to fasten anything inside to the tub

    If you use bolts or screws they catch when putting it back in and youll be cursing the whole time your putting it in.

    use your RTV high temp silicon to seal the rivets and any other possible air leak on the back of the tub and let it sit for 24hr before putting it in the fridge.
  4. Making some progress on it. I'll have some pics in a day or two.  Thanks for the ideas. 

  5. Thus far pics with some additional questions

  6. Inner tub with racks started

  7. What would be the best to put in between the inner and outer to cover the insulation on both the door and inner and outer tub.
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    cold rolled steel, or if you have the $$ stainless.

    I used 20g I think. might have been 18g. get a sheet 12" wider than the door, that will give you a 12" strip to use for patching any holes, with 1 or 2 metal screws and sealed on the back with the rtv silicone. Seal the back side around any bolt or screw as well.
  9. I'm curious about the black stuff my fridge was already gutted. So no lining to go back in. That black stuff shouldn't be toxic should it.
  10. Looks like it might be tar, sometimes used to stick the insulation to the outer shell. It would probably be fine outside of the insulation, but it sounds like you don't have any. I wouldn't want it inside the hot house. Use a sponge soaked in parts cleaner to scrub it out.
  11. I used a small torch to heat the tar and scrape it off. I only went after the thicker parts since I'm using Roxul insulation. It worked like a charm.
  12. It looks like he only has an outer shell, so heating with a torch might be too much for the outer paint. A heated scraper blade might be safer for the paint followed by a finishing scrub with a solvent that will boil away. Getting the internal temp up to 400 for a few hours would also work to drive the bad fumes out of tar, but if it isn't tar, it could be something that needs a hotter temp. It's better to just get it out of the smokehouse.
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    Just came across the same problem in my fridge build. Slightly dissapointing. Just means more work. Not really worried about it anywhere except in the bottom where the burners will be. Thinking about trying to burn it out, but will that mean it is going to coat the inside of the fridge with tar fumes? Bummed

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