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New build size - bigger better?


Joined Jan 18, 2021
Hey, I am building a new smoker and have some questions hoping you guys could help me out

I sourced some sheet steel and someone to roll it for me
The steel sheet is 10f(3000mm)x5f(1500mm) and can roll a max diameter of about 800mm(32")

From searching the web 600mm-24" seems to be the most common and about 50"(1300mm) long
should I got the max 800mm32" or stick to 600mm24"?
Should I go as long as 1500mm or stick to 1300mm?

I don't know how much meat I will be smoking and I am afraid if I go too large I might run into issues If I don't load enough into the smoker or managing temps etc...?
I'll be mostly(90% of time) cooking for myself/family but would like to have the option of packing the thing with meat to feed a small group

Also a question on insulating the FB, I head if you over do it you might have too much clean smoke as the fuel burns too efficiently and doesn't produce enough smoke, at what point does this happen?
I was thinking of building a square FB, insulating either the sides or inserting a another rolled pipe into the square and insulating that? What would be the best option


Smoking Fanatic
Joined Jan 18, 2020
How big it gets is up to you but I have to add that there's no such thing as smoke that's too clean.
The parts of smoke that you can see carry the things that impart sourness.
Ideal smoke is almost invisible/blue.
Meat cooked with it will taste divine.


Joined Jan 18, 2021
Thanks yeah I heard about the invisible/blue smoke being the one we want, I've been smoking/cooking indirectly up until now and want to get into smoking properly

On the size, is there any downsides to having too large of a smoker? I want to build this once and last me next 10-15 years so I would like to get it right the first time around :)
ATM I cook about 4 racks of ribs at a time, as the kids get bigger I am sure it will be 6-8

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