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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by killerpits, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Ill be starting with a 24"x7'x1/4" tank or a 30"x7'x1/4" tank. I'd like to ask everyone if they were to build a smoker like lang or a jambo which one of these tanks would you use for your cookpit.
  2. think i have decided to build it with the larger of the two now
  3. Still unsure though. I keep rethinking wich one would smoke the best
  4. I would go with the larger. It won't take much more fuel to heat. 

    Happy smoken.

  5. I guess I should have ask. What are you planning to use it for?

  6. Competitions and get togethers and I'm wanting to start building them to sale also. Thank you for all your input also. 
  7. I like the larger tank, gives you more cooking area. Lang or Jambo ?  straight flow vs reverse flow, both are good pits, it depends on what you are used to or want to cook on. I use an RF

    Gary S
  8. rob sicc

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    You know, noone ever complained of having to much room!  I would go big.  Since THEMULE69 doesn't think you will need much more fuel i would go big.  IMO
  9. Thanks all! I'll be going with the larger one now also. It will be straight flow with my goal to be able to hold temp from one end to the other within 10 degrees. The firebox will be insulated and made out of 1/4" material. I am trying to find a cast iron door with dampers built into it. New or used if anybody knows anyone with one for sale.
  10. Just finished this one for a friend here is some of the builds pictures it is made from 1/4" 24" pipe 6' pit with a 30" firepit

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