New build for an old fridg

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Dec 10, 2013
I have been given an old 4 door fridge.  Stainless Steel lined and the doors are about 2 foot square.  2 up and 2 down.  I won't be starting to assemble this until next summer when I travel back to where I grew up and where I am going to retire.  I do spend sometime there in the summer.  So I want to start this summer but where do I even start.  What type of heat source, damper set ups, etc.
Hello.  This one is easy to answer.  Start reading the fridge build forum.  Most folks here no only post finished picts but also post the build process.  They also post things that went wrong and things they might change if doing it again.  You will get many great ideas and a vast amount of knowledge for free.  Next step is to decide your heat source.  Small differences whether using electric, propane or charcoal.  Then you can concentrate on those types of conversions.  Then you need to find out what insulation is in that fridge.  If it's flammable, gotta come out and be replaced.  If not, you may need to add more.  That should give you a starting point.  Be sure to post progress picts.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

heres a play by play of the one i just built. my 1st !!!!!!
the people on this site were so helpful its as if they new me  . some held my hand thru the complete build. posting pics helps everyone understand what you are up against. like KC5TPY says there are many different ways to go at this, and depends what you want to do with it . there is an abundance of info on this site and you can do a lot of reading in the fridge/freezer build section .....
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