New Brinkmann SNG, my mods

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Original poster
Jan 14, 2011
Austin, Texas
So after 2 uses, as most are finding, I discovered the SNP to run somewhat cold, and boy does it chew through lump.  So I modified it based on some other mods I've seen floating around. I picked up a masterforge grill  from Lowes strictly for the charcoal grate.  As it turns out, the radial damper comes as a small kit in the box.  So I drilled a few holes and voila, upper ventilation.  I drilled approx 10 vent holes in the fire pan.  The Masterforge Grill also comes with a cute little stand that folds up and has a solid ring around it.  I removed the folding legs, took the wring, and mounted the small charcoal grate to it using the existing screw tabs.  It now sits about two inches off the bottom of the fire pan, allowing for much greater ventilation and eliminating my ash build up. I also removed the lower screws from the legs, and replaced them with much longer screws.  Gave them a 45 degree bend on the ends and the fire pan now sits perfectly in the base.  I've personally never had much of a problem accessing the pan.  But I have had problems with the pan damn near falling out of the bottom.  I also added 4 temperature gauges.  2 analog and 2 remote/wireless.  For now, to address the top lid seal ( i spent hours looking for that fiberglass rope gasket for ovens) , I'll use foil rolled into a long rope wrapped around the edges.  I plan to throw a rack of loin ribs and two pork loins at it tomorrow morning.  Before the mods, I was having a hard time keeping her about 190/200, and when she wasn't cold, she was on FIRE.   So I hope this addresses some of my issues. 



Looks good. I just did the mods on the same unit. A friend gave it to me a few years back and had never used it so I can't say how it worked before but it works fine now. I found the fiberglass seal at a local wood burning stove store. I got 60" of 1/2" at 1.10 per foot. I also put a damper on the bottem of the charcole pan to slow her down a little. Last weekend I did 3 venison roast in it and it held 225 to 235 for 5 1/2 hours with out adding any fuel....but the water was getting very low!!!    Good luck with her
yes, she's definitely very VERY thirsty.  Im interested in seeing what you used to make your lower damper.  I Drilled holes and created a channel for air flow, which works great, but the vents still clog with ash.  I need to figure out a solution to that.  My current solution is to tap the bottom of the fire pan till the ash drops out.  This is great, sans one problem.  I tapped it during my last smoke, and the water pan dumped into the fire pan.... boooooo!  Set my smoke back at least several hours. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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