New ~84" x ~36" reverse flow smoker

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Jan 2, 2017
After much research (a lot thanks to those on this forum) and time spent drawing it up in cad, a friend and I started the build (thankfully he has better welding skills and an automated plasma cutting table)

A little background, I have been using a pellet smoker for about 3 years , watched and read numerous shows, books and posts about smoking. I have a very small smoker and is difficult to cook for any more than 4-5 people. Been focusing on baby back ribs and some brisket (though whole chickens are starting to appear in the smoker).

At first I was going to build a smoker to try and compete for fun. After going to a few competitions to watch and listen, it became apparent I did not want to invest the time to do that. Rather focusing on cooking for family and friends (in a more relaxed atmosphere - that and having younglings around).

Attached are a few photos and an old revision of the cad drawing.

We will be building a trailer to mount it on as well.

For the firebox door, one larger single door or double door?
Nice looking smoker plan!
One door would be pretty heavy. It probably depends who would be lifting it. The door could be heavy for your wife to lift.
Did you consider putting a door on the backside also, like a Lang 84?
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Was planning on putting a counter weight on the door, though I have no experience if they are easier to open/close.

As far as second door on the opposite side. I figured that being able to slide the racks out would suffice, Perhaps not?

I also see the that the photos didn't attach. I'll give it another try.

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Looks similar to the one I am building now. I am going with double doors on the firebox, its more preference when it comes to how you want to do your doors. Looks like a great start.
Attached is a picture of what I am thinking the doors to look like.  The seal strips are highlighted in red.  Note the outside vertical seals and center seal are on the inside of the doors.  No hinges or handles shown.  Not sure if I feel like detailing that up :)

Very tidy build   I will be slapping one similar to this together soon.   (500 gallon)  

Not finished till you post some food pics!!
Very true. I have a concern that the exhaust stack may be too tall, may create a faster draft. Also no thermometers installed yet
Very nice work I like it.

I agree the exhaust height looks excessive I see the chamber is 36" x 84" what size firebox and exhaust are you running?
The firebox is about 36x34x32. Exhaust is 8" dia
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The stack is about 3ft. I seasoned the Cooker last weekend then did some chops that came out good. After seasoning , nice blue smoke 100% of the time.
Clean set up.  

You are like me , I would rather chill n grill out in the country instead of stressing at a competition or event cooking for 100's.

Maybe I am anti social  but nothing better than out in nature watching a big hunk of meat cook over fire while having a few cold ones. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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