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  1. Hi everyone, am so excited to be a part of this forum and you can call me mimi. I stay in Uganda, Africa.
    I love smoked meat but i dont kno how to go about it. I've spent this whole year researchin about it but funds limit me. I hav no smoker yet and i was hopin to get some tips from here on how to get smoking when one has limited resources.
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    If you can scrounge up a 55 gallon drum you can make a simple cheap smoker. take a peak at the UDS forum here. Other things that can be turned into smokers are things like metal file cabinets, any metal box, old refridgerators, think outside the norm!
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    Oh yeah you can smoke over an open fire too

  4. I agree.  I just posted to Mimi too with an even simpler approach.  This should turn up soon.  Really, smoking is maybe 80 percent technique and 20 percent equipment.  The better smokers are a lot easier to control, but you can get real good meat on simple too with more effort and attention.  

    I am not too sure how easy it might be to scrounge stuff in Uganda.  With all the military stuff around there ought to be lots of discarded stuff - need to check that it is safe though.  

    PS:  Here is a copy of my other post.  

    To start from nothing:  See the diagram.  A smoker can be any enclosed space with

    1.   A way to control air inlet, 

    2.   A grill or basket to hold burning charcoal or wood (charcoal is better) with air supply, 

    3.   A grill for the meat over the charcoal, and

    4.   A smoke stack to vent the smoke.  

    Look around for a 5 to 10 gallon metal can or metal box.  Get a top if it does not have one.  Be sure to clean it out REAL WELL l if it has had anything like chemicals, paint, or something else inside.  Put some wood or charcoal inside and burn it thoroughly.  

    Look around junk yards to find something for a charcoal grill and meat grill that will fit in the can or box.  It should be at least 11 or 12 inches in diameter or anything bigger.  You figure a way to hold the charcoal grate above the air hole, a way to hold the meat 3 inches or so over charcoal, a  top or side you can remove, and a stack.  

    Smoking is 80 percent technique and 20 percent equipment.  Make something and get started.  Keep a record of your work.  Simple homemade smokers can turn out great meat.  They just take more attention and adjustments.  Learning about rubs, sauces, and meat prep are from experience.  

    See my simple diagram.  Ask me questions if you want.  I've been to Nigeria, mountains of Venezuela, Taiwan, and other places where grilling is done.  You can sure do it too.  

    Good Luck,


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  5. Hey workedtheworld
    i appreciate the idea. I cant wait to try it out. I hav already started my search for a drum or metallic cabinet. I'll surely give you an update when i succeed.
  6. Hey dirtsailor2003
    thanks so much for the UDS forum tip.
    I was wondering if u can elaborate more on how to smoke on an open fire
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  8. Mimi, give some thought to how to make the air inlet vent and how to adjust it.  You need to have some kind of flap that will shut off the air completely.  See the picture of my air vent on

    a flat end, which is easier.  The vent is triangular.  The flap in photo 2 is also triangular and is open.  The flap is closed in photo 1.  The flap is on the inside so the little handle sticks outside and is easy to adjust.  I put a strip of Nomex tape around the inside of the vent after the photo.  You can see it in the other photo.  I glued it down with red RTW Permatex gasket sealer that has held up for a season so far. This was needed to seal the flap when closed.  I put a spring on the bolt holding the flap to hold it but allow movement.  

    You would need a rounded flap if your smoker is round.  Maybe some kind of sliding mechanism would be needed.  

    Send questions and good luck.  


    a flat end


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