Need some tips for pulled boston butt ham

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    Yesterday I stumbled across some butts for $119/lb! I have very little self control so I came home with 110 pounds. I just pulled my last package of smoked sausage out of the freezer so I needed them right? While browsing the forums this morning I came across Bear's post about the cured BB ham and my mind went crazy with all the applications I could use this stuff for. So I'm in! A few questions... opinions on wet vs dry cure? I don't have the TQ in Bears recipe so can I sub cure #1 using the 1oz/25lb ratio? (don't worry I'm good with math haha)  If I do use the wet method, I noticed where it is advisable to inject the meat... How much should I inject at what interval and is one needle better than the other? I have the 2 typical ones that come with meat injectors. And lastly, these butts are 8-10 pounds each, should I cut them in half? Thanks guys! 
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