Need some more welder input

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Oct 1, 2005
OK, upon further research I decided against the Everlast brand of welders. So now I am looking at possibilities of Lincoln, or Miller. I have found a Miller Bobcat 225g welder / generator for under $2k. I know there are a lot of welders, both professionally and home hobbyists, on  this site so what are your thoughts about this machine (the Miller Bobcat 225g) or maybe some suggestions on a better one.


I bought a reconditioned hobart125 ez welder from  I know its smaller than the ones you are looking at but I cannot complain a bit about this machine... does a great job. And saved me alot of money buying it reconditioned.

Oh and do yourself a favor ...whatever you buy replace the cheap grouonding clamp with a quality brass one...makes a big difference!  Just paying that bit of info forward!  Thanks boykjo!

SOB, I looked at the Hobarts but everything I saw had a 20% duty cycle. From what I have been reading I am wanting something at least 60% or better. Do you notice the down time between cycles? 20% just seems like a little welding then a lot of waiting.

Thanks for the reply
I have the 125 EZ.  I cannot complain at all.  It did exactly what I needed and a little more.  OK, so if you are going to be using it on a regular basis you may want something with a little more power. 

just my 2 cents.
I gotcha. So for learning to weld and using it for odds and ends around the home shop you don't need to be so concerned about duty cycles and such?

Reading on the 125 it says it can weld up to 3/16. Would you say that's pushing it or it can do that pretty easily? I ask because if I do spend the next few months learning to weld, and no I don't expect to be a master welder in that time, I'm thinking about tackling my reverse flow smoker which is 1/4 inch thick steel. Look for a little bigger or the 125 would work just fine? 
Hi RBH, If you are a begginer and looking for a welder I would suggest the Hobart 187. It is a 220v mig welder that packs a punch for the size. If you need mobility of 110v then I would go with the hobart 140. If you are looking for a mobile gas welder then the bobcat 225 will be fine. I would not worry about the duty cycle unless you doing some heavy production welding. I own all miller exept for my hobart 187 and I use the 187 90% of the time. Miller now owns bobart and parts are interchangeable. If you would like you can swing over to   and sign up over there. They are a great bunch of guys with alot of knowledge who can help you out to make the right decision on your purchase of a welder.............

Good luck
I have the Miller Trailblazer. Awesome machine.

I think the Bobcat will adapt to wire feed and TIG. You also have a back up generator.

You will not have to worry about the duty cycle.  How old is it? How many hours? There should be an hour meter on the front. If it is approaching 1000 hrs, you might reconsider and offer less. The engine should be good for 1500 to 2000 hrs. I bought mine new for 1/2 price at a welding trade fair when a new shop opened up.

Check around on new prices at you local welding shops. Also ask the shop if they are familiar with the welder and owner. Can't hurt.

I do own a Lincoln 175 square wave TIG and Hypertherm Plasma torch rig. All are good quality. They have to be to stay in business.

All that said, I lean toward Miller. Some of their design stuff on their products are more user friendly IMHO. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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