I Need a New Grill/Smoker

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Chile. I think you nailed the explanation with the auger speed increase. Mine is only 1.3 rpm. So do you know if the RT auger motor is AC or DC? Mine is ac and looks like the one on the RT parts page so a simple switch would be easy. Then again these all turn through a gear box so that’s another option to turbocharge mine!
That wasn't me, that was civilsmoker civilsmoker
Thanks for the props chiler! I did a little be of research before I got my 1250. The auger speed was the thing that pushed me to the 1250 over the 700. The 1250 is crazy fast on initial start up!
Yes it is, I was surprised at how fast it comes up to temp, and I like it.
Since I just put some chicken breasts on my RT 1250 I screen shot the heat up..... I mean 10ish minutes to get to 265 is crazy good..... you can see when I opened it up to put the chicken on..... Dinner at 6:30..... The house oven isn't this fast......

Edit.... you can even see the PID adjusting (cutting off the climb) to prevent an over spike since its cold (37 deg) start temp.... Just cool!
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Chili you will like the 1250 for searing with the sear plates. I have a old RT-680 I have been using for about 8 years and do a reverse sear with it all the time and it only gets to 500 but the plates add another 150 or so. I am going to order a 1250 in the spring sometime but the old one works so good I think I will set it up for cooking pizza. I burned a igniter out about 1-1/2 years ago and they sent me a new ceramic igniter and pot out no charge and this winter the blower fan went out they replaced it under warranty also even though it is over 8 years old. Cant beat there customer service. I have burnt RT, pit boss, bbq delight,lumber jack, and Smokehouse from Sam's Club and I like the Smokehouse the best. I usually burn a 40 lb bag before I clean the ash.
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...have burnt RT, pit boss, bbq delight,lumber jack, and Smokehouse from Sam's Club and I like the Smokehouse the best...
Never heard of Smokehouse; thanks for the tip. This says they've been bought out by Bear Mtn:
and they're being priced even higher than Bear Mtn's normal product, which many here rave about.

So if you can find them at Sam's for $15/40# I'd say you've found a steal.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming on RecTeq.
The first time I bought them I was at a Wal Mart in the middle of winter and they had them in the front of the store on clearance for $5.00 a bag. I had never seen them before but I bought 10 bags wish I had bought them all. Sams has them the time usually in the premium and hickory also. I have burned 40 plus bags since I started using them. Website shows them at $14.98.
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