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Need some advice on "when" to smoke some pulled pork for Friday


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Hi guys, have a question about smoking some pulled pork for a work potluck that's coming up this Friday.  Potluck is at 11:30am.  My plan was to put it on after work Thursday evening, smoke it for about 5 hours or so, then drop it in a foil pan, wrap it, and stuff in the oven at around 225-250 until it's done so I can get some sleep and then in the morning pull it and stuff it back in a pan in a cooler with towels to keep it warm.  

Problem, the weather tomorrow looks like garbage.  100% chance of rain all day/evening though I can smoke under my patio cover without issue, but there is also going to be 15mph winds and I don't have a windblock built for my WSM that I'll be using.  So now I'm thinking maybe I should smoke it tonight with the same method, chill it down and fridge it in the morning then on Friday toss the sealed pan in the oven to reheat and bring in?  What do you guys think?  I know it won't be as "fresh" the "next day" but it might be a lot less stressful than having to get up constantly to tweak the WSM.

edit:  I didn't really think about it but either way I could actually just toss it in a preheated crockpot on "warm" instead of using a cooler to bring it in to work.
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Your on the right track here. Smoke when you can, put it in the fridge, and drop in a nesco or crock to warm that morning. I have done this a couple times, and yes you do lose a little over fresh and hot, but add a little apple juice and stir often and it will help keep it moist.

Good luck, and smoke on.



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I agree, smoke it early.  At 225 I have had a 12lb PB ready at 200 IT in 14-16 hours other extremes at 24-25 hours.  Every piece of meat is different, never know what you are working with till its done.  Better to have it ready early to re-heat than late still on the grill. 

Good luck to you.


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IMO, pulled pork is always better the next day.  Seems like it mellows.



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If you put it on after work on Thursday and cook it at 300°-325° it will be done late Thursday night, depending on the size of the butt. An 8 pound butt takes me about 6-7 hours at these temps, then you pull it and get some sleep. Reheat for lunch on Friday, no fuss, no muss.


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I agree with Gary, I think PP reheated the next day or even several day's later has more flavor!



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Two words - Finishing sauce.   

But only add it the day that you are going to serve it.  Too soon and the acids can make mush.

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