Need help with beef tenderloin

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tdb, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. tdb

    tdb Newbie

    I am smoking beef tenderloin for the first time and would like any advice anyone could give.
  2. tasunkawitko

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    TDB - i've never smoked beef tenderloin, but i have smoked deer tenderloins. if anyone with more experience in this has any advice, it would be worth listening to.

    one thing i can say for sure is that you want to keep these lean cuts moist. a good way to do this is to wrap with bacon. or, you can baste them often with an oil-based mop or sauce. in an effort to keep it siple, some folks just brush with a little olive oil now and then. as far as seasonings go, keep it simple for best results: kosher or sea salt, cracked pepper, maybe a little granulated garlic and/or onion. shouldn't need much more than that.

    i'm just guessing about this part, but if it were me, i'd pull them off the heat at 140-150 degrees. if food safety is a top priority for you, i would say that you want to take them to around 155 degrees internal temperature, and then let them rest and coast up to 160 at the most. any warmer than that, and you risk drying them out.

    that's the advice i would give for these cuts, as they are so lean and normally would be more suited to grilling rather than barbecue. having said that, the above method should work well.
  3. mballi3011

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    I would apply a good rub on it and then wrap it in bacon and smoke it at about 230-250 and then take it to maybe 120-125 then wrap it in foil and into a dry cooler for about 45 mins and then slice it. How does that sound for a good ole smoke.[​IMG]
  4. chef jeff tx

    chef jeff tx Smoking Fanatic

    I do tenderloins all the time for my family and many clients.

    I like to rub them with either Penzey's English Prime Rib or Cajun Seasoning several hours prior to smoking. I like to use cherry or Jack Daniel's barrel chips. Smoke at 225° for approx 40 mins until you reach an internal temp of 130° then I move it to a screaming hot grill just to quickly sear the outside.

    If serving hot as a main course I tent it with foil for about 20-30 mins. If serving it cold for sammies or as an appetizer I let it cool for 30 mins then wrap and refrigerate until completely chilled.
    When serving hot I usually pair it with a mushroom marsala sauce, for cold serve with horseradish sauce and chimmichuri.

    I'll be doing 2 for a client on Christmas eve, will try to remember to take a few pics.
  5. chefrob

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    i would agree with chef jeff on the temp but i like mine at 120 and then sear. TW's idea of wrapping in bacon was the first thing i thought of but i would partially cook the bacon since my cooking time would be less......
  6. txbigred

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    Listen to Brew, he knows what he is talking about!! See ya on 2Cool!!


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