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Original poster
Jan 17, 2014
Sawyer KS
Hi all. I'm new to forum but have been stalking for a year or so. New to smoking too. I had a smoker given to me a year ago. It's a Mr Meat bullet type electric. It works fine I suppose but like the taste of charcoal or wood better then electric. Just something missing. And it's hard to keep the temp right among other problems. I enjoy smoking a lot and would get way more serious about it if I had something a little bit better. I smoke about twice a month. Winters can be tough with what I got. Thanks for all the help.
More information would be helpful, how many do you cook for? What is your budget? do you want to babysit a smoker, set and forget, or in between?
My first suggestion would be a WSM.
Do you ever get into Wichita? If so, stop by All Things Barbecue on Douglas and look around as they have a nice variety.
Normal cook for 4. But if I had something bigger would probably smoke for company functions and such. Not big company but 20 or so. And I have that big of a family as well. Budget is under 500. Don't wanna set it and forget but don't wanna babysit either. A happy medium some where would be nice. Go to Wichita twice a month so I'll swing in and check it out there. Thanks for the help. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.