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  1. Folks,

    First post, new to the forums but not new to the recipes. Been smoking for a year now on my 4-rack Bradley electric. The reason for my post, I've got family coming in from out of state to spend the week with us and I wanted to smoke some ribs for them. I've always smoked pork backs but thought I'd try some beef to mix it up a little. Maybe a risky move trying something new while cooking for 9.

    I couldn't find beef backs around me so I took to the interwebs and found/bought these:

    They came, my wife brought them inside and asked me what in the world I had bought. These things are enormous, totally didn't expect that.

    So when I do pork backs I like near FOTB, so I elect a 2, 3 (w/Apple juice), 1 method at 220-230 (depending on outside weather), cherry full smoke, 2/3 choke and I usually get what I'm after.

    I know nothing about prepping beef backs other than trimming some fat, tossing on some rub, refrigerate and getting the job done. But because of their size I was planning on going 1.5, 4, 1.5 at 210-220, 1/4 hickory and 3/4 cherry or 1/2 pecan and 1/2 cherry full smoke at 1/2 choke, and tossing in some beef broth during the 4. Realistically my heat will be around 200 because of Michigan weather getting colder hence a little longer on the times.

    So what do you guys think of A.) my purchase and, B.) my plan? Suggestions? I didn't find any other threads in this section regarding FOTB, sorry if this is a duplicate, I hope it isn't.

    As a precaution for those that may not like the beef, I may toss in a rack and a half of pork backs just to be safe. I should have 1 rack in my smoker free.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Those look like the back ribs we get around here. It's hard to tell because there is no side shot, but they typically have very little meat on them. I buy them when they are on sale for around $2/lb to make beef and barley soup and also BBQ them a few times a year. I season them with rub, but Montreal Steak seasoning is also great. I smoke at 275 for about 4 hours with no wrap, however wrapping is not a bad idea. You definitely don't want to under cook them as they will be very tough and hard to eat, especially with the thick membrane on the bottom.
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    Where at in Michigan are you?
    Welcome by the way..
  6. Thanks! In Fenton, bout 10min outside of Flint.
  7. Thanks everybody! I'll see if I can snag a couple of shots of them tonight. Hope they're not junk and can feed that many. Maybe I'll hold a rack back and do 2.5-3 pork and 2 beef just to be safe. 4 adults, 3 teenagers, 5YO and a toddler eating.
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    Cool.. Fenton is a popular stopping place on the way up north..
    Just wondered because here downriver I know of a couple good meat outlets that get anything you want if they don't have it.
    Pretty close to i-75
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  9. Thanks man, I'll keep that in mind!
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    Not to put a damper on the food but, some people find the beef ribs to be kinda fatty for their liking. Sometimes they do seem a bit greasy. So yes, maybe a good idea to add some pork ribs in the mix too.. In case someone likes pork better.
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  11. Thanks for the heads-up! I've never done beef yet but I'm definitely going to do half and half. Can usually only get 1 full rack on my Bradley racks, but I'm going for squeezing in 1.5 so I can do 3 Pork and 2 Beef.
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    One other way to make them super tender,probably more FOB. Braise them after smoking in 1 part beer 1 part BBQ sauce
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  13. Let me ask you guys a question, I’m thinking since beef is more dense than pork that I’d be looking about an hour less cook for the pork backs, right? Give it take?
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    You are better off cooking by temp,beef and pork ribs are great at around 200* F IT
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