Native Texan in Pacific NW

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bubba blue

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Mornin y'all,

Born in Tyler, lived in Dallas and Houston, with godparents deep in the Registered Polled Herford associations in East roots go a long way back, and damn proud of it.   "Bubba" seemed like a natural for me due to my roots in Texas...

Currently living in Vancouver, WA, U.S.A. (actually, a lil bitty community just north of Vancouver) 

((( Vancouver, as in the USA and not Canada; Washington as in the state, NOT D.C.)))

Have a Klose custom made wood burner, complete with 3 propane tanks, 2 fish burners, 1 fajita grill on a third rail, a 7' upright with racks and sausage hangers, a 5' two-shelf main smoking chamber, a 2'x2' fire box, a sanitation sink, soap dispenser, hot water, a sanilite cutting board, log rack underneath, a 2 compartment stainless steel sink, cold and hot water on demand (propane heater), a 25 gal fresh water tank, and a 45 gal grey water tank underneath, a safe, a 12 volt battery compartment, and both an electric and manual jack.  <-- BUY all this first, then tell the Mrs. that you need a truck to haul it as the car won't do.  Do NOT reverse this sequence, as it doesn't work!   Haulin it with a Ford F-350 dually, Texas edition of course.

Experience level is Average to above average.  Still sooooooo much to learn.

Started a catering company up here in the Pacific Northwest.  Not vending, or doing daily sales stuff. 

Business in the first 6 months blew my business plan away.... planned on 12-15 events between June and December in my first year, and had over 35 paying jobs.  Gettin the name out far, so good.

Teamed up with a local yet national BBQ guru who has written over 16 cookbooks, and was on the BBQ competition circuit for years, has been on PBS, and on and on.  This guy knows his stuff, and is teaching me the ropes.  That's twice I think my lucky stars, once for being born in Texas, and the other for hooking up with this gent.  He is launching a national BBQ magazine, as Editor in Chief, sometime this late spring or early summer.  Stay tuned.

Name of my business, and why I got into it....short story.....

     I am a baseball and softball umpire, as my community service started back in 1997, a few years after I retired from the U.S. Navy where I spent a career.  Worked for Corporate America for a while, and though that was good, I am a giver by nature.  So I started doing games as the proverbial thing lead to another, and pretty soon, found that after attending a umpire rules and mechanics class in Southern California, that I now had the skills to make the game better, and fair, for kids, from Little League through High School.   Have even umpired in Cooperstown NY (Dreampark USA), and for Little League as far away as Poland.  That's right...Poland.  And in a couple years, hope to go to Italy and do some ball games.   AKA, umpires are called "Blue"....    

     Unfortunately, I also recognized that those ball park concession stands typically only served hot dogs, and hamburgers.  So my love of BBQ from years in Texas, and cooking on a Weber at age 9, all came together like a good scratch BBQ sauce.... HELP the concessions raise more money for the kids programs, by offering something more than hot dogs and hamburgers...naturally   B  B  Q !       Back to the name of my catering company, Bubba Blue BBQ, and so launched the business and website with the same name (  And that is the rest of the story, as the late Paul Harvey would say on talk radio...
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Hey Ump-glad to have you here- I use to umpire for our local Police Athletic League way back when-got called other things besides "Ump" :biggrin"

As an Army Vet, I thank your service to our great country.

You'll find the folks here very knowledgeable and willing to share what they know, so when you have questions, just ask.

I've done a small edit to your post as SMF doesn't allow direct links to personal blogs or websites.

Enjoy the Smoke!
Thanks Dutch, appreciate the response, and also a thank you for YOUR SERVICE to OUR country.

The link...was to my business, so it wasn't a personal account, per se.

I signed up for the Premier 99 year option, and paid... does that allow me to post a link to my web site, or is that just a non-starter all the way around?

Thanks again Dutch.

Bubba Dave

And you betcha, I have been called a lot of other things while umping... look at the bright side, turning those ears toward the field and not hearing the chatter from the fans is good practice when it comes to the wife "To Do" list she gets onto while I am enjoying the smoker on weekends... Ha ha
Good morning and welcome former Tylerite I am just a few miles south of Tyler in Whitehouse, Fantastic story, I agree about the limited food types at the Baseball fields. Same here hot dogs & hamburgers. Will be looking for future post and pictures.

Gary S
I think the Marines got they saying, once a Marine always a Marine from Texas....LOL

Nice to meet you, and I love to say this, its a promise fulfilled every time with pride, I want to thank you for your service.

Take your blue shirt and leave it at the door, cause there is no definitive right or wrong way to do things here as I am sure you know from the BBQ side. No safe no outs, only you learning how to make your cooker do what you want, when you want it to. There will be so many suggestions, all different and you'll just have to try till you are happy. But I am guessing you already have your bread & butter mastered.

Remember that everyone here is as passionate about their cooking as you are and even when you think they are just plain silly for their way of doing it, realize they are thinking the same as you. Hey I know everyone else is always wrong and their ideas silly, but I don't need to point it out to them...>LOL

The search engine is full, its bulging at the seams full of a wealth of info on nearly anything. I came here and immediately reverted to my childhood, tending fires and wanting to learn about how Pop cured meats and made sausages. Its a great site for info. Its a great site for inspiration. Its a great site friendly folks who , like you I am sure, when they can't cook meat, they'll talk about it. Most are ambidextrous and do both at once.....

Look for Q-views, use Q-views, its not just about what you can learn, its about what you can share and a picture is the easiest way. Besides all those fancy smancy phones take pictures these day. We want to see how you do something, it might be better than our way, and you'll always inspire another to try what you are doing.

In case ya tell, I get diarrhea of the mouth real bad.... Welcome on board. Look forward to seeing your Q-view.

Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.

Doh-my bad, Dave! I saw the "Premier" user title and it failed to regester (I hate the growing old stuff :biggrin: ) I've re-edited my edits back to your original post.

Yeah, I know about the "selective hearing" thing and I use it to my advantage; I'll even take it to the extreme by reminding Ma Dutch that I'm 90% deaf in one ear but then she have me by the short hairs when she tells me "But I'm talking to to you on your good side!"
Hi Gary S.  Thanks for the comment.  Sounds like you and I could be buddies IF I lived down in Tyler.  God parents lived in Gilmer, not far away.  Miss TEXAS!!!  Meanwhile, I couldn't have said it any better than your profile, in terms of occupation, "And whatever else the wife wants me to do" !!!  Too funny.   SO GARY, if you ever get a bug in your shoe, and want to do a road trip, stop by and pick me up a sh** load of hickory and drive it up to the Pacific Northwest...just target Portland, Oregon, let me know, and I will find ya.  Hickory is hard to come by up here. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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