National Drink Wine Day!!!!!!!!!!

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leah elisheva

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Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire
Thanks to Mboatbum, I am now educated on the fact that today is indeed, "National Drink Wine" day!

(Now that's the kind of alert I do love to receive). True be that!

And while I'm grateful beyond beyond therefore, for his wonderful reminder, and have been in full compliance for a good 33 or my 43 years, (first tiny sample of wine for me being Bordeaux, and at age 10, I was in love with it), I want to hear what everyone loves about drinking wine, the most!????????????????

For me, it is a "connector!"

(You raise a glass, you salute to life, to food, to love, to sipping! You toast somebody else, you share "somebody's family in a glass" and you drink in something lovely and made with such passion, as you do celebrate yours)!

And you?

What part of wine do you love best?

And what do you love it paired with that you do smoke?

(My steak tartare with smoked mango - in yesterday's beef section - is my favorite pairing/menu so far).

But what about you?

Kindly share your favorite wine, or wine & smoked food sentiments!!! 

After all, "It IS a holiday" right?

Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

(Some fun wine pix from way back)...

*Photos By Tammy Byron and Manipulation Work By Phill Allard
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Ah this was well timed. I was running out of reasons to drink wine which would be a disaster of immeasurable proportions.

My latest wine pairing I liked was a shiraz with a scallop pasta dish. Normally, I would find the wine a little overpowering for scallops but the sauce had cream cheese in it and the shiraz was nice on the palate with it and didn't overpower as I was afraid it would.

Lesson learned? Experiment. Drink wine. Eat. Enjoy.

I like your use of the term "Connector". Wine is definitely a social lubricant as well as a bonding agent between folks from all walks of life. I think for me it's also a powerful memory trigger, perhaps due to the strong olfactory aspect of wine and the fact that they say scent is one of the strongest memory triggers. Anyway, years back (Oh no, here comes another of his stories...) when my then fiancé and I were planning our nuptials we decided to save money by getting the wine here and bringing it with us to the island off the coast of Georgia where the event was to take place. Our neighborhood booze merchants made us a great deal on case prices so we loaded up. They even threw in a rather expensive bottle of Champagne as a wedding gift. Anyway, we kind of over bought. 12 cases of wine for 50 people turned out to be a tad much, so for the next year or so we drank our "wedding wine" almost exclusively. Nowadays when we're feeling nostalgic we'll go to that same store down the street and pick up a bottle or two. As soon as I pop the cork and the aroma hits me, I'm imstantly transported back to that tiny little chapel (it was pretty well packed with 50 people to give you an idea of how small it was) on that magical little island.
Andrew that's a fabulous story!

And I love the expression, "We drank our wedding wine!" So fun!

Indeed, vino, is a reinvigorating link to precious memories - either ones we learned from and wish to thus move foreward past, or ones we celebrate!!!!!!!! Full throttle!

Fantastic stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, and Disco, I ALSO meant to say how fabulous your scallop dish sounded! I know your Bride loves scallops, right? We may do something scallop oriented tomorrow, and if doing such then you'll be credited for bringing the "seed of suggestion to the table," although smelts are also begging to be used, and so we'll see!

Meanwhile, may everyone drink wine today and not count their drinks!!!!!!!!!

Cheers! (Says the Irish half of me anyway, with ancestors in Dunmanway, of County Cork, cheering away)!!! - Leah
I saw a NEWS blip 'bout national wino day and thought I'd come see if yall knew or not.  I have a pot of pork jumbalaya on the stove and a couple bottles of home made wines to sample.  Since I aint that particular, Peggy samples and what ever she don't care for gets poored into a gallon jug that I refer to as my house wine.  Sometimes red sometimes white mostly in between.  Also have a lil lemon sherburt  built and in the fridge cooling getting ready for our lil churn.  I'll wait till we field test this sherbert recipe before I post it.   HM guess I don't know how to spell sherbet

Happy Jumbalaya and great sips to you both Cappy!!!

Nice to hear from you in the warmer south, as it is SO SNOWY here - beyond beyond - although "we bring our own sunshine right" and so here is to that!

I like that sample system you have worked out - nothing wasted and yet all happy! It sounds perfect!

Meanwhile, cheers to today!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
NOT rubbin' ya yankee nose in it, but just squeezed a qt of grapefruit from 6 of our grapefruits from our tree.  From tree to qt took right at 7 minutes so if that aint frseh what is??  Having that with a shot of absolute while putting the finishing touches on jumbalaya  as Peg builds a salad.  She has a bottle of sweet homemade black berry wine from friend s vinyard, and I have a blend in the jug ready for supper.  All windows and screen doors open and its 70 now.

Enjoy that great fresh juice... I've got PLENTY of ice here for ya! By the Lipitor with that much juice. :biggrin:
Oh your warmth sounds so good! 70 degrees???

I'll post a photo once it's light out, just to show you how much you must appreciate where you are! Smiles. (We got 9 plus more inches of snow in the night).

BUT, here's to today! It's a wonderful Wednesday indeed!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers! - Leah
Happy mid week to you all!

And may you not have "heads" this morning, (as in feeling as though your skull was mashed through a garlic press), from yesterday's "National Wine Drinking Day" festivities!

Top of the Morning to you therefore!

With today's scenery being this:

It is a fine day to get some work done, but not without a lovely lunch having being completed first!

Today's simple "quickie," of spinach-starfruit-red pepper & garlic salad, with some wonderful canned wild salmon added in (we've found this great canned version lately that still has the skin/bones and good stuff, but without any sodium or junk added in) and that, with a dry Chablis, was really lovely.

But Cappy, your 70 degrees is sounding pretty fabulous right about now!!!!!!!!

Cheers and happy midweek to all!!!!!!! - Leah
Well I look at MY photos from this morning, and then look at YOUR photos from this morning, (Cappy), and think this Yankee is in the wrong location!

Here's a big CHEERS to thus solving that riddle! Stay tuned! (My folks in South Carolina have been insisting that my family unit could indeed use a little bit more vitamin D). I am beginning to listen.

Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
don't move yet, leah.  In a few months both the temp and the humidity will be over 90 and it will be your turn to rub my nose in your wonderful weather.
Wow Cappy. Those grapefruits look awesome. We used to go down to Scottsdal AZ for vacation in the spring and a family friend had a grapefruit grove. We'd stock up and bring home 2 or 3 bushels. Better than anything store bought up here.
Well we aint got an orchard but 1 tree provides all we and our friends ad neighbors need.  I compare it to buying a store bought tomatoe and picking one from ya yard vine ripe.  Thats the difference. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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