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My Weber Mods with question

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by bhawkins, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. First allow me to apologize for no pics yet. My net connection is acting up, however I will try to post a few pics ASAP. I took a piece of 55 gal. drum and rolled some bands out of gauge material at work so that I could set it onto the base of my 22.5 Weber, and also to get a better fit for the lid. I placed a piece of 3/16 plate onto the original cook grate after raising it up a few inches. I really like the way it performed when I smoked a couple of butts and chicken for mine and my youngest sons B'day the first weekend of October. My question is concerning the plate. It is square and fits the drum corner to corner, leaving the moon shaped sides for heat and smoke to come up. I rather like the idea of this plate for thermal mass, as well as to let the drippings sizzle back up. Is there a real downside to having this plate in place?? 
  2. I have a WSM and can't visualize what you are describing. I look forward to your photos.
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  3. This is the plate I was referring to. It is on a cook grate that was raised from the original position so I could build a bigger coal bed.
  4. I've seen a lot of WSM mods, been to numerous county fairs, a few goat ropins, and more than one cluster *%#^, but I've never seen this mod before. I say if it works go for it.
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  5. Yeah, I thought it worked pretty good, I was just wondering if it was somehow disrupting my smoke or anything.
  6. I wouldn't think so. The water pan allows less space around it than that plate does.
  7. OK it's been along time coming but I finally figured out a way past having to turn off my phone, remove the battery, and sim card, put sim card into adapter, transfer photos from sim card, and put phone back together again, so here is a pic of my Weber as she stands now.  

    The more I use it the more I like it. All of a sudden the reverse flow in the background is becoming a liability instead of an asset!! The cook grate is right above where the therm is located there on the side, so you can see the head room it gives me. When I tried to do a chicken on a can, before the mods, it had to sit dead in the middle and if it was very big the lid still touched it!! Not now!!
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  8. Very nice. It looks like you have enough room to put another cook grate if you want!