My Veterans Day

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 3, 2006
Tucson, Arizona
[The sky was clear and bright, the smoke was thin and blue, I took the day off, I knew just what to do. The ham was cured and seasoned, a batch of wicked beans too].... ...[I put them in the smoker then made a beer run 'cause I knew it would be hours before it was done]..... .. . [The smell of hickory lofted in the air, as I sipped my beer and tended my fire all without care]...... [The hours ticked by as I savored my beer, waiting for that perfect temperature to appear].......[Several hours later I hit that perfect mark and lo and behold what a beautiful bark]....... [As dreams passed through my head of the meal soon to be, I bowed my head and gave thanks for my chance to be free]....[So a happy Veterans Day to all that have served, I hope you all enjoyed the day you all so richly deserve.]...... Jeff ( Jethro ) Letson U.S. Navy, USS Independence, VA-176, 1981 -1984
To those that have so selflessly served, to preserve our Freedom, and to make this country the Greatest Nation there is...THANK YOU....
To those that are serving now, protecting our Freedom, and are in harms way...our thoughts and Prayers are with you and your families....THANK YOU..

Richard Magurn
Here here. Very well said

USNR 1990-1994
USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 Plankowner
USS Spartanburg County LST-1192
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