My TD entry - Bison Ribeyes

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Feb 18, 2012
SCV - So Cal
This is the photo I presented.


It was started the night before making a great macaroni salad. You have to spend some time chopping up some veg first.

Celery, dill pickles, onion, fresh pineapple (added 3X more after this pic), carrot, and green onion.


This is a large amount finished but it is so good it will was gobbled down in no time.


Now for the Bison ribs. I have never had these before but know the best way I like making pork and beef ribs. They are just in the middle size wise between the two and are pretty lean. I will use my best methods for the way I like them. A little on the spicy side but not enough to take over the flavor of the meat.


It was covered in mustard. It will not effect the taste but allow the rub to hold onto the meat. It is covered in cyan pepper and chili pepper then a heavy coat of a brisket rub. It was left in the fridge overnight.


The next day it was placed in the smoker at 225* for 3 1/2 hours. It was turned a few times and sprayed with butter, apple juice and an Achiote paste and oil mix.


At this point it was at an internal temp of 150* and ready to be finished on the Santa Maria pit BBQ.


After running charcoal in a chimney starter I added lots of Red Oak chunks and Hickory splits to get a decent fire going.


About 20 minutes in and the ribs were done as well as a couple of Elk medallions. Why not.


The display was used with a few Dollar Tree patriotic items added. I did not make the egg bread but it was from a great bakery that we were at a few days before and when I saw it I had to add it. This was just another fun cook and the competition was well above what I made and well deserved in the wins. I look forward to the future competitions with fellow home cooks.
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This was the entry that really caught my eye Chris. Everything looks and sounds fabulous.

Point for sure
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That was a beautiful display! Bet they were awesome! I really love that pic on the Santa Maria... love cooking over fire. Great job!

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What a truly stunning entry Chris. When you first sent this to me I was totally blown away. Just a meal that makes you want to dive in and have a feast. For the record, and a testament to your efforts, it was starting to look like we were going to have a tie with the voting so I asked an alternate judge to send me his votes just in case we needed them to break the tie. Turns out we did not need them but on his scorecard this entry was the first ever perfect score of 30 out of 30 possible points. Very impressive sir to say the least.

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