My take on a Surf and Turf Fatty...... (pic heavy)

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by stauf, Jul 27, 2013.

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    I've been wanting to smoke up a fatty that would satisfy my craving for steak and seafood. I didn't want to use sausage or ground beef, I wanted the real deal. So let me show y'all what I came up with. Here's what I decided to put in it. Top Round, Salmon, Lobster, Jumbo Shrimp, Linguini topped with Alfredo Sauce. Then of course the whole thing wrapped in a bacon weave.

    As you can see there are two steaks in the package of Top Round. I took both steaks and cut them in half horizontally, to give me four steaks approximately 1/2 inch thick. I then took a tenderizer to them to pound them flatter and increase their size a bit. When I got done with them, this is what I had.

    So then I threw on some salt, pepper and few other favorite spices. I then de-frocked the lobster tails and sliced each one length wise, into four pieces to get adequate coverage on the steak.

    Here's what I had after I sliced the lobster tails lengthwise and placed on the meat.

    For some flavoring, I sprinkled on some Old Bay seasoning. The next thing I did was start on the core of the fatty. I wanted to have my salmon wrapped in the shrimp. So here's what I came up with..

    I started with a nice salmon fillet.

    I then cut a piece about 2 inches wide, the length of the fillet and filleted the skin from the meat, which left me a piece of salmon as long as the fatty is wide.

    I then just took the shrimp and skewered them onto a piece of bamboo, and set the salmon into the bend of the shrimp.

    I don't know about you guys, but I like to have some pasta with my seafood. So I cooked up some linguini and spread it on top of the lobster pieces.

    Then I spread some Bertolli's Alfredo sauce on top of the pasta.

    So now time for the final assembly. I set the salmon/shrimp core onto the end of the steak and started rolling it up.

    When I got it rolled up I put it in saran wrap and twisted it till I got it as tight as I could, then off to the fridge it went, while I made the bacon wrap.

    I had to use 1 1/2 lbs of bacon, to get it big enough to wrap the fatty.

    Here it is ready for the smoker.

    I also put the salmon that was left over in the smoker.

    And here is the finished product! It took about 3 hrs. to get it to the temp I wanted to reach.

    The salmon turned out very nice and flaky. The shrimp is firm but not tough and the steak and lobster turned out just fine. I was really surprised it turned out as well as it did.

    I had two slices of it for dinner and it was just what I had in mind when I started thinking up this monster. The only thing I wish that I had done, was marinate the steaks to get some extra flavors in there. But for a first time experiment it turned out better than expected and tasted even better! 

    I'm curious to know what you guys think of this.

    Thanks for looking!!!
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  3. I agree with webowabo  that thing looks great!!!!!  I never would have thought of doing a surf and turf fatty.  Great job!!!!!!!!

    What temp did you take it to?

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    Surf & Turf Fatty - Go Figure! great job and pics. You really planned that out well. At three hours cooking time, I am wondering what temp you ran your smoker and what IT did you take the fatty to? 
  5. stauf

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    I took the IT to 145,
  6. stauf

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    I set my smoker up for 240 and wanted to get to 145 for the IT.
  7. stauf

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    I took the IT up to 145.
  8. OHHHH, I gotta make one of those for the wife. She loves Surf n Turf. I think if I made her one of those I might just get laid! (LOL)
  9. Shades of "Epic meal time" it!  That is freaking extreme and I applaud you!  Yee haw!
  10. That is just...... WOW! Brilliant!

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  11. so ms smoker

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      Dude, that is awesome! Now I gotta get a new keyboard! Nice job.

  12. atio

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    I did my first fatty on Saturday.  Just mushrooms, onions, cheese, and spinach.  I asked my wife to come to the fatty section to read the sticky on the best way to roll it and she came by this post.   Needless to say, she was a lot less than impressed with my "creation" than your masterpiece.  Why couldn't you have posted this a week earlier or a week later!  [​IMG]

    In all seriousness, this looks amazing and I am shamelessly going to steal this for my own consumption, at the orders of the Mrs.  I don't think I explained a fattie very well because her comment was "Oh, you can put anything you want in them?"  So she's coming up with ideas now of what she wants.  A clams casino fattie will be hitting our table at some point soon.

    Excellent recipe, I hope it tasted as good as it looks!
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    WHOA!! There's a lot going on there. It's like an entire Las Vegas buffet in one item. I bet it tasted awesome!
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  14. That is amazing!  I have GOT to try one of them.
  15. suie

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    Wow that looks and sounds amazing!!!

  16. id2nv2nj2ca

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    That looks AMAZING [​IMG], thank you for sharing.  My question is:  how much did all the ingredients cost to make that, and how many portions did you get out of it?
  17. I picked the wrong time to start a diet.
  18. Awesome!
  19. rps462

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    Dang .. that looks awesome!
  20. this has got to be some sort of record, most expensive fatty ever rolled? :) nice job man looks great.

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