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    I have been meaning to document this build for some time now. I want to thank those who have posted their builds, which inspired me to finally build my own. This design is as basic as can be, but I plan to further it some time down the road. I actually built this smoker about one month ago, and, finally, put the first burn to it tonight. As of now, after an hour and a half since reaching temp, it has maintained a temperature of 225*. I am thoroughly impressed with the steadiness so far. I only loaded about 1/4 of the basket with Stubbs Briquettes.

    Here are some pictures of the build:

    All of the materials laid out. I found this pot, which is 36 quarts, at the local Academy Sports. It was $40, but I couldn't find the more common IMUSA pot at any other local store. This could be another option for those with an Academy near by. It fit the Smokey Joe Silver just fine. The lid is a tad loose, but so far I have not seen it affect the temperature.

    Hole cut out and diffuser grate installed. This is a cheap $2 grate I bought from Academy. It fits perfectly in this pot and I imagine it would in other brands of pots.

    The most lengthy part of the build was the charcoal basket. I used the supplied charcoal grate and expanded metal from Home Depot and tied it together with rebar wire.

    3-1/4"x1/2" bolts, lock washers, and nuts were used to hold the cooking grate. I only have one grate for now, but plan on adding a second, lower grate.

    Finally, the finished product. I liked the look of the stainless steel pot, so no paint. The therm is form Lowe's. Char-Broiler brand I believe. I plan on buying an electric therm. The Maverick seems popular so I will look into that. I still have a few more mods I would like to add such as ball valves for air vents and latches to hold everything together as one unit.

    Thanks for looking. If anyone has any questions on how I did something, feel free to ask. I have been on this site for a couple months looking and have learned a lot from everyone. Looking forward to getting a lot of smokes under my belt with this MWSM.
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    Temp has dropped slightly. I blame this on a small amount of charcoal and ash buildup on the air vent. Plan on adding a ball valve to compensate this.

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    Welcome to the club!

    A couple things to help with your temps and ash. Until you get a side vent or two, make yourself an ash deflector. It can be as simple as a large can with holes in the sides near the top or a stainless pet food dish. Anything that will fit between your charcoal basket and the vent. It really helps.

    The side vents are the best solution. This also allows you to fill the basket and light with a propane torch. A method that has proven to be the most efficient way to run these little guys.
  4. kbuckeye

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    Thanks, Case. I have seen many of your posts documenting the ash deflector and side light method. I used the propane torch to light one side of the briquettes, a form of the snake method I believe. I am having problems with torch wanting to lose the blue, hot flame and turning into a red flame. Not sure why. I'll pick a valve this weekend and install it. I am assuming most use a stainless valve? Are there other options as the valve material?
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    No need for stainless! Black pipe nipple and a standard brass ball valve is all you need. If you use a step bit to drill the hole you can get it really close and just thread the black pipe right in with out a keeper nut or anything else. If it wasn't pitch black out I'd go take a picture for ya.
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    I get the picture. Thanks for input.
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    Congrats on the mini, nice lookin build ! You'll enjoy it, I sure enjoy mine...
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    Looks good I will be building one,as a gift for my son in Ga.

  9. bdskelly

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    A thing of beauty.  Dare I say that it brings a tear to my eye to see one this clean?  Lets get it dirty man!


  10. kbuckeye

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    Thanks for the points BD. I came home from work to add an ash diffuser but my drill battery was dead. Trying to get the ash diffuser drilled out so I can put some pork chops on for the maiden smoke. Stay tuned.

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  11. lemans

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    Here is my mwsm. It rocks!!!

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