My solution for lack of smoke at low temps on my MES 30"

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by garyc, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. garyc

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    I am doing some summer sausage and was unable to get any smoke below 200 deg. Since the instructions told me to smoke at 140 to start with I decided to try something. I loaded the chip tray with dry chips. I got a butane torch and lit the chips until I had good coals going on the top. It seems to work! Each time I load up the chip tub I get it going first and all seems well! I don't know if anyone else is having trouble getting low temp smokes but  I thought I would share for anyone that is.
  2. smokinal

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    Yep, AMNS can't beat them!
  3. rbranstner

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    I was just going to say. Sounds like you need to invest in a AMNS for your MES. Problem solved.
  4. garyc

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    I know, it is the principal of the thing. I just spent $250 on a smoker that will not smoke below 200 deg. The extra $50 for the AMNS isn't going to break me, I guess I am just stubborn like that. I will probably go ahead and get one at some point but for now I am just going to be hard headed.
  5. I think it is less the fault of the smoker and more the fault of those darn wood chips that don't like to smoke well at 140 degrees. If your MES has the small wood tray with the extra piece of metal between the tray and the heating element, the below linked mod will improve the smoke potential of the MES. I did it on my MES40 and it helped a lot. I still use the AMNS most of the time for the convenience of doing long unattended smokes.

  6. tjohnson

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    140° is tough for the MES to produce smoke.  You could try placing a piece of charcoal in the chip pan and see if this will help keep the chips burning.  How about trying pellets at those low temps.

  7. scarbelly

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    The AMNS is not $50 and it is worth every penny - I spent $500 on a smoker and now ONLY use the AMNS as my smoke generator
  8. chefrob

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    not only that then you can cold smoke as well............
  9. ringodad

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    I hear you buddy - I'm the same way. the AMNS sure has it's fans here, but I'm not one of them due to cheapskate mentality. That, and I personally cut all of my smoking wood except the hickory and mesquite that I use in my "special smoking mix" I sure didn't want to use those chunks in my wood stove :) I like your idea of getting those coals going.
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