My name is Dave, and I'm from Southern California!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by nfmmalice, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Dave, and I have never SUCCESSFULLY smoked anything in my life! 

    I do love BBQ however, and I am looking to step up my Backyard grilling game.

    I recently received a Bradley Electric Smoker for Christmas, and want to do my best to do this thing some justice.

    I have read a lot of reviews on this product, and a good portion of them seem to be negative, but hopefully I can familiarize myself with its' wants and needs and be able to get some practice in before I decide I need to grab a different unit altogether.  (Plus I dont want to hurt the gift-giver's feelings.  LoL)

    Im interested in smoking the basics: TriTips, Briskets, Butts, Birds, and hopefully some Sausages/Jerkies down the road.

    I have perused this site for a few days and seen a LOT of AWESOME advice and recipes that I look forward to jumping into.

    thank you for letting me be part of this community, and I look forward to chatting with you!

  2. ecto1

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    Welcome to SMF glad you can join us.  We are big on Pics and love to help everyone out.  Remember the only question that is dumb is one not asked.  You will not find a friendlier place to talk Que on the web.

    You are going to fit in just fine.
  3. scarbelly

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    Hello Dave and [​IMG]to SMF - you are only about an hour from me and if you want some help shoot me a PM and maybe I can give you a hand with that smoker - I started on it many years ago.  
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    This site has tons of info.

    I suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

    Ask questions and use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

    Take the awesome free E-Course!!!

    Have a great day!!!


          Make bacon the easy way!!
  5. ronrude

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    Welcome Dave!

    I am a new here and have learned a ton already.  These guys have been only helpful and generous with the good will.  I think you will enjoy it here as much as I do.

  6. jrod62

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    welcome to SMF. lots and lots of good info on here. and everyone loves to help
  7. venture

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    Welcome aboard, Dave!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  8. sprky

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    [​IMG]  to SMF Dave. You have come to the right place for smoking info. This site is loaded with great info just use the search bar at top of page to find what you are looking for. If you can't locate the answer just ask folks here are willing to share there knowledge.I suggest you check out  the 5 day e-course on smoking its chuck full of great info.Smoking Basics 5-Day eCourse
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    Welcome to SMF Dave! Glad to have you with us!
  10. africanmeat

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  11. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I look forward to being an active part of this community.

    Getting ready to season my new Smoker tomorrow so I can get to smoking this weekend.

    So far, three days into my eCourse, and have already learned a TON of useful info!, and I just ordered a Maverick Wireless Thermo last night as well...

    This place is awesome!
  12. big andy a

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    Welcome.  Isn't the 5 Day course awesome?  A great way to start your addiction.

  13. sqwib

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  14. SQWIB.. looks like I'm gonna have to get to know you.  LoL.

    I ALMOST flew to Philly to see the Birds play the Skins on New Years Day, but Xmas bonuses came too late.  Dammit.

    Flew out to our First Home game at the Linc last year for the last game of the season, and the wife is HOOKED.  (Thank GOD!)
  15. Dave,

    You've come to the right long as you are willing to take the time to experiment and buy the meat...that's most of your You'll be impressing your family and friends in no time.


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