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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by shooterrick, Jun 24, 2008.

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    As I promised I have included thumbs of the gas assist system I have been building for my little Lang. The main black pipe run and shut off is already assembled with pipe dope only. The brass terminal ends and the rest are just dry fit at this time. I made the burner with half inch black pipe with orifice and venturi purchased propane ready from TJS. The 0-20 lbs regulator came from TJS also. The rest was local hardware. The Stainless Steel nipples which will retain the burner in the firebox are from a friend who loves my cooking. Bushings will be placed to hold the burner centered and a alan type set screw will be tapped in the outer nipple. The flex line to the burner is stainless with a anti corrosive coating suitable for outdoor use found at Lowes. Special thanks for all the help smokinsteve gave in info through this forum.

    I included a pic of some BBs just before eating them while I worked on this project.
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    Attachment 10272 Attachment 10273
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    Nice build. Monster garage gone Smokin'.
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    Looken Good Rick:)

    Can't wait till you get her fired up---your gonna love it!


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