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Oct 17, 2014
Gilbert, AZ
I cracked the bag on the capicola I first began processing on Oct. 30, started out at 5lbs. 3oz. It had only reached 27% weight loss in all that time, usually takes about seven weeks to reach the desired 35%. I thought I must have screwed something up and was ready to toss it first whiff, smelled wonderful! Setup my slicer and took off a half dozen pieces to test out, tasted as good as looked, and it looked pretty darned fine to me. I finally figured out the problem was with my garage fridge, no freezer and the door doesn't get open and closed that often, needs more circulation to cure in a timely fashion. Lesson learned, from here on out I'll cure them in the house fridge. As long as I've got things set up I'll do a bit more grazing, then maybe make a pizza! Thanks for lookin' in, and stay safe out there! RAY

Ray , that looks fantastic bud . Nice work . Yup , gotta cycle that door every couple days . Thanks for posting .
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Lookin good Ray! What spice profile did you use?

For the initial 10 day cure in a vac=seal bag, everything in the grinder
Salt.................3 TBS
Sugar..............2 TBS
Cure #2..........1 tsp
CBP.................2 TBS
Garlic..............3 cloves
Bay Leaf.........2
Nutmeg..........1/2 tsp

In the UMAi Bag, straight Hungarian paprika. Thank you for the Like, much appreciated! RAY
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you need to put your beer in your garage fridge :emoji_sunglasses:

Aside from the coppa beer's the only thing ever been in it. RAY

Very nice Ray that looks great man!

Thanks John, the only problem I'm having now is I can't stop eating the stuff, seems it goes well with Evan Williams! Thanks for the Like John, I do appreciate it! RAY

Ray , that looks fantastic bud . Nice work . Yup , gotta cycle that door every couple days . Thanks for posting .

Thanks Rich! I had no idea until I emailed the UMAi folks and they set me straight. I'd always done them in the kitchen fridge without a problem, now I know better. Thanks for the Like Rich, much appreciated! RAY

OHH!!!! Marone!!

Grazie Steve! Non credo che avrò bisogno di cena stasera, di farcirmi.Grazie per il Like mio amico, lo apprezzo! RAY
That looks Freaking Awesome, Ray!!! Nice Job!! Like. Bear

Thanks John! It's always nice to turn a 99¢ lb butt into something a little special. Thank you for the Like John, I do appreciate it. RAY

Wow, my mouth is watering!! Nice job Ray!

Thanks Denny, I'm having to slice this so thin you'd think it had only one side! RAY

That looks real good Ray, , very nice David

Thank you David, and thanks for the Like, much appreciated! RAY

Looks great Ray. Good job.

Thanks Jack! Took a little longer than usual, always worth the wait. Thanks for the Like, I do appreciate it! RAY T
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Yeah man, that looks great! I'm waiting for the pizza thread for sure. :emoji_thumbsup:

Thanks Moto. Might be a bit before a pizza, I'm stuffed from grazing and made a batch of fried zukes in olive oil. I eat it like candy straight from the fridge. Thanks for the Like, truly appreciated! RAY

Looks amazing ray. I placed a big umai order yesterday. Added this to my list

Thank you Jake! Youtube vids make coppa and lonzino a piece of cake, this guy is the best and most informative, RAY

How to Make Capicola at Home! (Umai Dry Charcuterie) - YouTube

Looks awesome Ray. I need to get at least one of these going. First I need to figure out how to separate the coppa. I saw a diagram someone posted but it put me in brain freeze lol.

See the vid I posted for Jake, it's all there, easy peasy, I love easy as you well know. Thanks for the Like amigo, I do appreciate it! RAY
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Dang Ray that looks great! Might hve to look into umai bags my to do list really needs any additions!

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sawhorseray sawhorseray , this is fantastic. I’ve used Umai before with great results and I just ordered it again.

Ok, so the Coppa is also what is used to make Buckboard Bacon? I just picked up a couple of bone-in butts to make Buckboard and, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the cut. Right?

So what do you all do with the stuff left on the bone? Sausage? Pork steak?
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