my flowers

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Nice flowers, I really like that tiger lily.
Good looking flowers Bro

I have to show a picture of an out of control sunflower that volunteered in my garden. Keep in mind that I am 6' 4" tall

Nice flowers bro! The wife has the green thumb around the Casa Hawg, I just 'Q and fix sh*t.
i'm the all purpose slave. but she do buy the wood & meat. i'm trying to spruce up our 100 yr.old farmhouse-getting rid of thorny bushes & adding some color & mulch. i figured while i'm babysitting my cooks i might as well get the outside looking nice too.hard to believe a guy that spent all his time on the ocean can grow anything other than a beard.
Here is our snowball bush, it has such wonderful blossoms this year...

Here it is in full bloom...
We didn't grow much of anything this past year. A few wild sunflowers were about all we had. Actually, they seem to come back every year...


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