my first UDS drum (pics included)

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by ralphbrown05, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. ok everybody this is my first UDS drum build... it was a refurbished drum that i got for 10 bucks from our purchasing department at my work... i used the plans from  to a T... this is the original color that came on the drum (black and yellow, black and yellow) my question is do i need to strip down the paint with paint stripper to bare metal and then use the rust-oleum high temp stove paint? and i did all the welding on the fire basket myself... lemme tell you the basket last 4-5 smokers... i made it from a queen size bed frame, and 1/8 inch expended metal... this sucker is a beast, but if anybody can help me with the paint issue that would be good... i also have heard that paint does not stick to metal that has already been exposed to high heat... so if you can help, thanks in advance

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  2. solaryellow

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    Burn it out as hot as you can to burn off the exterior paint. The new paint will stick if you prep the metal right.
  3. oh ok, i was just curious because i work with a mechanic who did body work for 20+ years and he told me that paint does not stick well to metal that has been exposed to high heat... something about the metal loosing the purities or something and that paint doesnt stick well... thanks
  4. I agree with Joel!
  5. sprky

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    I would think that if you roughed the surface then applied a good primer paint would stick no problem.

    Although stripping the paint may be easier.
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  6. smokinal

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    I've never heard of the paint not sticking to metal that was heated, Maybe he meant automotive finishes. I don't think there would be a problem with high temp paint.

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