My First smoked tri tip

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  1. I recently purchased  a MES 40, not sure which generation, and I'm getting great results.  I like the Bluetooth so when Im inside or at night I can check the status.  Anyhow, I bought a 4# tri-tip, marinated it for two days and brought it to room temp.  Smoked it at 230 for 2 hours, leaving a pan below it to capture the delicious juices. (I like to add them to my BBQ sauce or Au Jus)  I pulled it at internal temp of 130 and covered it to rest for one hour, the final temp was 146ish.  It delicious but I like my beef pretty rare and this seems a little more medium than I like.  I'm not getting any complaints about that as everyone's mouths are stuffed with meat!

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  2. waterinholebrew

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    Nice smoke, looks tasty ! We really like TT round here ! The only thing I could suggest doing different is not bring any meat to room temp... Go from fridge to smoker !
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  3. Really, I thought you were always supposed to bring to room temp? Is it because there could be a bacteria issue? Thanks
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    Yea, your really risking contamination when bringing to room temp !
  5. b-one

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    Looks great! I suggest a reverse sear for your next attempt. Smoke to 115-120 sear for 1-1/2 min each side over direct heat like a gas grill or a really hot cast iron skillet.
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  6. Thanks, I read it in a Texas cook book and have always done it that way! That's all I would need is to make everyone sick!
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    I honestly think beef can be more forgiving than other meats, like a pork butt, etc. But all that aside, that is one tasty lookin smoke ! 🍻
  8. Just cook it to a lower temp b4 pulling. Simple. You can take it from the fridge to the counter for a bit. It just can't sit at 40-60 for a long time.
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    I wish I could find a 4 lb tri tip around here.  That was a nice smoke.  I would do a reverse sear with it as others have suggested.  Awesome job for your first tri tip.

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    The rule of thumb for safety is 40-140 in four hours. So if you pull your meat out and it comes to room temp and you cook it to 140 with in 4 hours you are fine. Now as most do beef doesn't get cooked to 140 always. With whole muscle meat like Tri tip as long as you don't poke and prod and prick and pierce the muscle you should be fine. If the surface isn't broken the bad bacteria doesn't get into the interior meat. In theory the heat will kill off the surface bacteria and all is well. At least that's how it's been explained to me.

    I go straight from fridge to cooker, well I season in between the two.

    If you like rare you need to pull at 125, and then rest. If you plan to sear I'd pull at 110-115 for rare.
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