My first smoked pork chops with Q-view

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Nov 3, 2013
Massapequa, NY (Long Island)
First time smoking pork chops. Marinated them over night in lemon juice, Dijon mustard, italian season, garlic, and olive oil.

Here they are:

Next, I wrapped some bacon around them...

Put them in the smoker with some cherry and hickory for about an hour or so at 230-245 with a dry drip pan on the rack below the chops. Set my Thermometer for an IT of 135 because I planned to crisp up the bacon in a pan, kind of a reverse pan sear. Here is a shot of the finished product,..

When I took them out of the smoker I put them right in the drip pan with the juices from cooking, sprinkled some blue cheese on top and covered it in foil. And finally the plated shot...

They came out really tender and juicy. Almost seemed like the bacon took on most of the smoke but the combo of the moist seasoned chop and the bacon with the blue cheese was really good. Thankfully when I was going to pack a chop for lunch tomorrow I began picking at one of the chops , eventually eating the whole thing. It was here that I realized I forgot to put the pan juices on my first chop...brought it to a whole new level. Thanks for looking!
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  Great looking smoke!(except for the blue cheese! personally) If you want more smoke on the chops, leave the bacon off and brine the chops next time. Good job!

Thanks! Why is it that the bacon seems to absorb the smoke? I have read that a lot on here, especially when people are smoking fatties. Haha blue cheese is a love or hate kind of food.
Nice looking chops. Maybe the bacon takes on a lot of smoke just cause it's usually on the outside of whatever you're smoking and that's where it hits?
Anyway , great looking cook and put me down for loving the bleu cheese !
No problem! Definitely worth pulling them early and searing them in a pan or on the grill, because the chops might reach your desired IT before the bacon crisps. Be sure to post pics of them and try not to put me to shame haha is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.